Closet Remix: Lady Lawyer

Hello friends!

It’s been a little over two months since I retired my business suits.  I even moved them into our office closet!  My bedroom closet {let’s be real, it’s not “ours”} is now filled with bright colors, patterns, and casual{ish} pieces that make me happy.  And I’m slowly but surely finding my new non-lady lawyer style, thanks in large part to Instagram style challenges.

I’ve had a few kind women mention that they miss seeing my work posts on Instagram, so I thought I’d share a few remixes with my favorite suits.  J.Crew suiting was the backbone of my professional wardrobe, especially the super 120s wool.  But I must note that the pricing has skyrocketed since I first started buying suits, while the quality has declined.  {Read more about this here.}  That said, J.Crew is offering 30% off through April 26th with the code “TIMETOSHOP,” so if you’re in the market for suiting, this is the time to stock up!

Personally, I’m not a fan of pants suits.  I’ve tried a few different styles and they just don’t work for me.  And after spending many hours in court watching fellow lady lawyers stand and argue, I’ve come to the conclusion that pants suits don’t work for a lot of women.  My two cents: if you want to rock a pants suit, you must get them tailored.  And be sure to look at your pants from all angles {take a selfie if you can’t get to a three way mirror!}.  Unstructured wool can be very unkind to even the most fabulous derriere. ;-)

I prefer to buy three piece suits: dress, jacket, and pencil skirt.  I like having options, and this combo is fantastic for business travel.  I’m wearing the Emmaleigh and Bridget dresses in the pictures below, which are sadly no longer available, but I’m swooning over this bow-shoulder dress.  J.Crew Factory also has great suiting options at more affordable prices, including a dead-ringer for my beloved Emmaleigh dress (1, 23). Both J.Crew and J.Crew Factory sell pinstripe options as well (1, 2, 3, 4).

I’ve shared a few different ways I styled my suits in the past: hope you enjoy!  {Need more inspiration?  Click here.}  Since all of my suiting is neutral, I add a pop of color or a fun pattern in my shoes or tops {and lipstick, of course}, and almost always wear tights to combat courtroom air conditioning.  And even though I’m no longer wearing them on a regular basis, I’m still dreaming about that perfectly tailored red suit…

Thank you very much for stopping by!


J.Crew Emmaleigh Dress 1035 Jacket Super 120s wool Limited Bow Top Chinese Laundry Kristin Cavallari Copertina Heels

J.Crew Emmaleigh dress + 1035 two-button jacket in black
The Limited Pintuck Bow Blouse
Chinese Laundry Kristin Cavallari Copertina Heels {buy other colors}

J.Crew 1035 Jacket Pencil Skirt Super 120s wool Tie-Neck Bow Top Steven by Steve Madden Ravesh Heels

J.Crew 1035 two-button jacket + pencil skirt in light heather gray
J.Crew tie-neck silk top
Steven by Steve Madden Ravesh pump in green

J.Crew Emmaleigh Dress 1035 Jacket Super 120s pinstripe wool Steven by Steve Madden Ravesh heels silk blend scarf

J.Crew 1035 two-button jacket + Emmaleigh dress in charcoal pinstripe
J.Crew refined silk-cashmere wrap in blush {buy}
Steven by Steve Madden Ravesh pump in blush
Kate Spade New York Litchfield Joelle leather tote

J.Crew Bridget Dress 1035 Jacket Super 120s wool Beaded necklace Chinese Laundry Kristin Cavallari Copertina Heels

J.Crew Bridget Dress + Sidney jacket {similar} in heather flannel
J.Crew beaded necklace + quilted bag
Chinese Laundry Kristin Cavallari Copertina Heels

J.Crew Three Button Jacket Pencil Skirt Super 120s pinstripe wool Silk Boy Shirt French Hen Mona patent leather nude heels

J.Crew three button jacket + pencil skirt in navy pinstripe
J.Crew silk boy shirt in French Hen {similar}
J.Crew Mona patent pumps in warm bisque {similarish}
Kate Spade New York Harrison Street Adelle bag

J.Crew Emmaleigh Dress 1035 Jacket Super 120s wool Pearl Necklace KJP Kiel James Patrick Scarlett O’Hara Vickers Bow bracelet Factory Isabelle houndstooth pumps

J.Crew 1035 two-button jacket + Emmaleigh dress in black
Pearl necklace {gift from my dad}
Kate Spade New York double bow studs {similar}
Kiel James Patrick Scarlett O’Hara Vickers Bow bracelet {buy}
J.Crew Factory Isabelle houndstooth pumps {similar}

J.Crew 1035 Jacket Pencil Skirt Super 120s wool Brooks Brothers Non-Iron Fitted Double Stripe Dress Shirt Oroblu Tricot Sable Fishnet Tights Chinese Laundry Kristin Cavallari Copertina Heels

J.Crew 1035 two-button jacket + pencil skirt in navy
Brooks Brothers Non-Iron Fitted Double Stripe Dress Shirt {similar, on sale!}
Oroblu Tricot Sable Fishnet Tights {on sale!}
Chinese Laundry Kristin Cavallari Copertina Heels
J.Crew bag

J.Crew 1035 Jacket Pencil Skirt Super 120s wool printed heart blouse Factory Isabelle houndstooth pumps

J.Crew 1035 two-button jacket + pencil skirt in black
J.Crew Factory printed shirt {love this one!}
J.Crew Factory Isabelle houndstooth pumps
Chanel earrings

J.Crew Bridget Dress 1035 Jacket Super 120s wool Brooks Brothers Non-Iron Tailored Fit Thin Stripe Dress Shirt Factory dot tights Ivanka Trump Janna Mary Jane Pump Kate Spade Shoulder Bag

J.Crew Bridget Dress + Sidney jacket in heather flannel
Brooks Brothers Non-Iron Tailored Fit Thin Stripe Dress Shirt {similar}
J.Crew Factory polka-dot tights
Ivanka Trump Janna Mary Jane Pump
Kate Spade New York bag

J.Crew 1035 Jacket Pencil Skirt Super 120s wool cashmere turtleneck sweater Kate Spade NY Hudson Street leopard calf half bag Gigantic Swiss Dot Tights Stuart Weitzman Platswoon Pump

J.Crew 1035 two-button jacket + pencil skirt in black
J.Crew collection cashmere turtleneck sweater in pine {buy}
Kate Spade New York Hudson Street leopard calf half bag {similar}
Kate Spade NY Gigantic Swiss Dot Tights
Stuart Weitzman Platswoon Pump {buy}

J.Crew Three Button Jacket Emmaleigh dress Super 120s pinstripe wool backseam tights opera length pearl necklace Stuart Weitzman Platswoon Pump

J.Crew 1035 three-button jacket + Emmaleigh dress in navy pinstripe
J.Crew opera length pearl necklace {buy}
Nordstrom Sheer Back Seam Stockings {similar}
Stuart Weitzman Platswoon Pump {buy}

Transformation Tuesday: ScarFace Undone

Blondie, Esquire:

Hello friends!

Last week I shared my personal struggle with adult acne {the good, the bad, and the ugly} and my before and after pictures using the Unblemish line from Rodan + Fields. Thank you so very much for your kind messages in response to my post! I appreciate your support, and I am so, so excited for those of you who are on your way to better skin as a result!  My favorite part of this business is helping people, and I can’t wait to hear how your new products are changing your skin for the better. <3

This week I wanted to share another transformation: the incredibly brave Danita Clark Able. She wrote about her successful battle with skin cancer and how our Redefine products helped heal her scar tissue after surgery. Her story is absolutely amazing, and you won’t believe the results she achieved! It brought tears to my eyes. Her takeaway? “Your skin will be with you until the end…treat it well.”  Indeed.

This story is especially close to my heart, as my own mother is a cancer survivor. She’s using the Reverse regimen to combat dark spots on her face, the hormonal aftermath of chemo and radiation. I absolutely believe that Rodan + Fields lives up to their promise: changing skin + changing lives.

Thank you so much for reading!


Originally posted on red clay ponderings:

This past October 2014, I had surgery on my face. The surgery was to remove skin cancer from beneath the surface of my skin.

September, the month of impending change, is when I learned I had cancer. Before surgery, I had a couple of weeks to think about the alien living below my eyes, beneath my skin. I hated the idea of something foreign living there. Knowing it was caused by too many unprotected days in the sun, I vowed to never again go outside without wearing a good quality sunscreen. I’ve honored the vow.

Below is a photo of the day I learned that yellow fireball had not been my friend.


I had both dreaded and looked forward to surgery. I was not excited about having my faced opened up, but I was anxious to get the show on the road. October, one of my favorite months, ushered in…

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South of You Art Show in San Diego!

Hello friends!

If you’re in the San Diego area, you are cordially invited to stop by South of You 4 at La Bodega in Barrio Logan!  We’ll be there on Saturday night between 5 and 10 with cold beer, great music, and a surf-skate-lifestyle inspired art show featuring some of Nathan’s best selling photographs.

south of you la bodega barrio logan san diego art show nathan french photography

Each of Nathan’s beautiful pieces comes ready to hang, and dyes are infused directly into a specially coated aluminum sheet to create a print with incredible luminescence, detail, and durability.  This process results in a brilliant high gloss surface that shows every detail.

Here are just a few of the amazing prints that will be on display and available for purchase this weekend:

hotel del coronado wave barrel aluminum dye sublimation metal print south of you la bodega barrio logan san diego art show nathan french photography

Rainbow Mini

Sunrise Laguna

We will also have portfolios available to show case our portrait and wedding photography, and we are currently booking spring and summer sessions.  And click here to view our first wedding of the season at the iconic Hotel Del Coronado.  We can’t wait to capture your precious moments!

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!


Transformation Tuesday: My Before + After Pictures!

Hello friends!

Thanks to the magic of photo editing apps and Instagram filters, it’s easy to look like you have perfect skin.  Real women can now achieve the same false perfection that we’ve been ogling in magazines for years.  But real life?  That’s a whole different story.

I’ve written before about my love for full coverage foundations.  And while I do love makeup (and always will!), that love grew out of necessity: I’ve suffered from adult acne for years.  And because my skin is so fair, those pimples don’t fade after a week or two. In fact, before I started using Rodan + Fields, they never faded, no matter what products I tried (including some heavy hitters like La Mer, SK-II, Dr. Dennis Gross, etc.).  I had angry red scars, and inflamed red skin, and the thought of leaving the house without a healthy dose of spackle was inconceivable to me.


And if you don’t think it means what I think it means, here’s a true confession: last year I was working from home when my husband cut his finger on a china bowl while doing dishes.  And I took one minute (I promise!) to put foundation on before we went to get stitches.  I wish I were kidding… But today we’re getting real.  I’ve skipped Facetime calls with my family on lazy makeup-free weekends, and even missed an indoor water park on a family vacation because my skin was being particularly difficult.  It’s really not about vanity; I know that my friends and family love me regardless of what my skin looks like.  But if you suffer from acne, you understand that these insecurities run deep.

When it comes to skincare results, a picture is worth a thousand words.  Rodan + Fields even offers a free regimen if you post your before and after pictures to the corporate website.  When I first started using the products, I dutifully took my before pictures with absolutely no intention whatsoever under any circumstance of showing them to anyone {see above}.  And then I took my 60 day pictures.  Here they are, back to back with no filter, no editing, and no makeup:

adult acne before and after unblemish rodan and fields

Skincare is a journey, and I still suffer from the occasional stress/hormone/life induced breakout. But for the first time in six years, my acne scars are fading.  My skin is calm, soft, and smooth.  And when I don’t wear makeup on the weekends, I feel comfortable in my own skin.  That feeling is priceless, my friends!!  I’m amazed by the results I’ve achieved so far and can’t wait to see how my face looks in another 60 days!

{In case you’re wondering, I use a combination of Unblemish and Redefine products to combat acne and the effects of aging.  My skin is dry, so I use both the Redefine lotions, and I am madly in love with the night renewing serum.  The gentle retinol formula not only helps improve skin texture, firmness, and wrinkles, but aids in the acne fight.  I also use our eye cream.}

I’m sharing this picture today for a few reasons.  First and foremost, I want everyone who has suffered with adult acne to know that there is hope!!  Of course not every product line works for everyone.  {I tried Proactiv as a teenager and it did play nicely with my dry skin.}  But with a 60 day money back guarantee, there’s really nothing to lose.  And even if you choose to purchase at retail prices, most regimens will cost less per day than one grande latte from Starbucks.*   Second, you will only hear about Rodan + Fields through independent consultants like me.  They don’t advertise, and there aren’t any infomercials.  Similarly, you can only buy the products from independent consultants.  The doctors made an unprecedented move from brick and mortar stores to partner with entrepreneurs who want more from life than the 9 to 5  (or 9 to 9…) grind.

Thank you for reading and please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to get started on your journey to the best skin of your life!  It would be an honor to help you.


* I calculated the retail price per day by dividing the cost of the regimen by the 60 day supply (e.g., $171.00 / 60 = $2.85).  If you decide to become a Preferred Customer, it’s even less.

Choose Beautiful

Hello friends!

My lovely cousin Renee shared this video with me on Facebook this morning, and I can’t stop watching it.  {Technically she’s my cousin’s wife, but she is absolutely part of my family!}  What an incredible message.  The results are a bit heartbreaking though, so fair warning: you might tear up a little!

This post isn’t sponsored by Dove, nor does the video even mention their products.  It’s just an amazing concept, and I would love to see every woman {and man!} I know Choose Beautiful!!

Thanks for stopping by!


WCW: 10 Most Success Women Entrepreneurs of the Decade

Hello friends!

I love the idea of “WCW” {aka Woman Crush Wednesday}, but likely not in the way that many who use the hashtag on social media do.  In my mind, it’s akin to supporting and highlighting women in your life that provide inspiration, encouragement, etc.  {And while I do think some of my WCWs are absolute knockouts, my crushes have more to do with what these women have on the inside. ;-)}

With the amazing Today show feature this week, choosing my WCW was a no brainer: Drs. Katie Rodan + Kathy Fields.

Drs. Katie Rodan + Kathy Fields

I’ve written about my decision to become an independent consultant for Rodan + Fields, and how the skincare has changed my life for the better {here}.  What I didn’t tell you is that I was incredibly skeptical about the direct sales business.  It was never something I had considered, and I’m not going to lie — I remained a bit skeptical even after deciding to partner with Rodan + Fields.  Then l started using the skincare, and I got it.  The most important part of any business that’s driven by networking is believing in your products, and even after just a few days of use, I could.not.believe the way my skin looked and felt. That’s what I mean by “I got it”: I understood why the doctors chose to take their products out of high-end department stores and move into the direct sales space, because I couldn’t help but tell my friends + family about the changes to my skin!!

But after this week, I’m questioning the wisdom of my initial skepticism, because Investopedia just announced the “10 Most Success Women Entrepreneurs of the Decade.”  There are some very well known, and quite impressive, women on this list, including Oprah Winfrey, Tory Burch, Beyonce, Ariana Huffington, and my new business partners, Dr. Katie Rodan + Dr. Kathy Fields!!  {It also includes some women you may not have heard of, including the founder of an Indian biopharma company that reached $1 billion on its first trading day, and the only female founder of a semiconductor company.}  What an inspiring list!!

It’s really exciting to be a part of this growing business, and I know the day will come when Rodan + Fields is as much of a household name as Proactiv.  Until then, the only way you’ll hear about R+F is through consultants like me, and I am having sooooooo much fun being the bearer of this news!!  :)

Many people have a preconceived notion of what direct sales looks like {myself included}.  Did you just picture a pink cadillac or a gloved woman in a full skirt knocking at the door with a suitcase full of night cream?  {Avon calling!}  I did too.  But that’s not me, and that’s not Rodan + Fields.

If you’re looking for a skin care solution with clinically proven results, or you want to learn more about partnering with these incredible women, I would love to help.  Please send me an email: {jenn.m.french at gmail dot com}.  You can also visit my website, although I would love to help you find the best products for your skin with a personal consultation.  ;-)

Thanks so much for reading; I truly appreciate it!


Face of the Day: Spring is in the Air

Hello, friends!

Here’s another Face of the Day post.  If you follow me on Instagram, you know I’ve been playing along with the Zoe Report’s beauty dare: 30 lipsticks in 30 days.  I loved this idea, and I’m guessing that I’m not the only one who tends to reach for the same 5 or 6 colors despite a collection that may or may not resemble a Sephora counter.  I’m also participating in a few different style challenges this month.  I am eternally grateful to the lovely ladies who come up with the prompts: their inspiration yields creative closet remixes, the challenges help me plan my outfits ahead of time, and I have met a tremendous community of fellow outfit sharers through the hash tags.  If you’ve never tried one, I highly recommend joining in!  I’m wearing pastels today, so I thought I would incorporate some spring colors into my makeup as well.  Here’s the final look, un-edited and outside in natural light:


And here is the makeup I used to achieve this look: a hit of shimmery aqua eye shadow with peachy cheeks + lips.


What + Where:

  • Zelens Age Control foundation in the shade Cameo (at Barneys)
  • Charlotte Tilbury Wonder Glow (at Nordstrom)
  • Clé de Peau Beauté concealer in Ivory (available at Nordstrom, Saks, or Barneys)
  • By Terry Cellularose Blush Glace in Rose Melba (at SpaceNK)
  • Rodan + Fields {grapefruit scented!} lip shield (available on my website)
  • By Terry Ombre Blackstar in Blond Opal at (SpaceNK)Bobbi Brown Surf + Sand eye palette (here’s a similar one that looks gorgeous)
  • By Terry Terrybly Growth Booster mascara in black (at Barneys, SpaceNK, or
  • Benefit Gimme Brow in light/medium (at Macy’s or Sephora)
  • Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat liner in Pink Venus (at Nordstrom)
  • Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G. lipstick in Coachella Coral (at Nordstrom)

Here are two more pictures, each un-edited, indoors, with natural light.


This gorgeous necklace is from Rocksbox, which is basically the Netflix of jewelry.  You get 3 pieces per box to wear as long as you want, return for 3 more, or buy the ones you love.  Want to try it out?  Use my code for a 30 day free trial! {blondieesquirexoxo}.


As you can see, the tints in these eye shadows are very subtle: just has a hint of blue (I mixed the fourth and fifth shades from the left and layered them over the By Terry shadow stick).  I reach for this palette year after year during spring and summer, and the new version looks just as lovely.

I hope you enjoy these posts!  I’ve been having so much fun putting them together, and it sounds silly, but it is a great feeling to share un-edited pictures. I can’t imagine doing that three months ago.  {Click here to read more about my skin transformation.}  I love how soft and clear my skin has become, and I also love that my freckles still show through the seriously amazing Zelens foundation!

As always, thank you so much for stopping by my little corner of the blogosphere!