Makeup Monday: the Best Brushes

Hello, friends!

I’ve been talking a lot about my favorite makeup products, but I realize I’ve left out one of the most important categories – the tools!  I’ve tried a lot of makeup brushes over the years, but there is one line that simply blows all the competition out of the water: the amazing brushes by Wayne Goss.

Wayne Goss Brush Review

Wayne a makeup artist out of the U.K. who makes some of my favorite YouTube videos: tutorials, reviews, tips, and more.  He’s not only a talented artist, but a genuinely awesome person.  His videos are informative, helpful, hilarious, and, above all, honest.  He’s shared some very personal details about his life, as well as candid conversations about cosmetic procedures and skincare.


I’ve been a fan for years, so when I heard Wayne was designing a line of brushes, I couldn’t wait to snap them up!   Here’s my collection {so far 😉}:

Wayne Goss brush review

Starting at the top and moving clockwise: Brush 16The Holiday BrushBrush 03Brush 06Brush 17Brush 02Brush 05Brush 11, and Brush 04.

Before Wayne Goss started making his amazing brushes, I thought I could only use synthetics. My eyes are extremely sensitive, and nearly every other natural hair brush I tried irritated my eyes or felt like they scratched or dragged my lids.  Wayne’s brushes are the softest brushes on the planet.  I’m talking kitten fur, pussy willow, golden retriever puppy soft.  I may or may not brush them on my face even without product from time to time. 😉 And I love that they are handcrafted and cruelty free.

The brushes are available both individually and in sets: the original Collection, the Face Set, and the Eye Set.  Honestly, I wish I would have just purchased the collections instead of buying individually; if you want to invest in quality brushes, you cannot go wrong with any one of these sets!  The next ones on my wish list are brushes 12, 13, 14, 19, and 20.  Beautylish includes detailed descriptions of how to use each of Wayne’s brushes, and he also made videos to walk you through each brush of the original Collection and the two sets.  Here’s the Face Set video, although fair warning: you’re going to want to buy them all immediately {and this anglophile just loves Wayne’s accent!}.

I have hooded/deep set eyes, and I find that Brush 04 is absolute perfection for adding definition in and above my crease.  The shape allows for precise application exactly where you want the color, and the softness makes blending an absolute dream.  It also picks up and holds the perfect amount of color with no fall out.  I’ve used this brush almost every single day since purchasing in January 2014 and it has not lost any of its shape or softness despite {nearly} weekly washings.  Brush 05 is also great for adding precise color into the crease, and it’s gentle enough to smudge eyeliner and shadow right into the lash line.  Here are brushes 03, 04, and 05 for size comparison {courtesy of Beautylish}:

Wayne Brushes 03 04 05 review

Brush 03 is perfect for that finishing touch; it’s larger size makes blending quick and easy, and it’s softness means you won’t undue any of your eye contour while still erasing any harsh lines. If I could only choose two eye brushes from the line, brushes 03 and 04 would be it (although that would be a tragedy, because they are each unique and amazing).  I love brush 06 for precise application of color onto my upper eyelid, but it’s slight curve allows you to blend and pull the shadow outwards {so it’s perfect for Charlotte Tilbury’s signature feline looks}.  Brush 17 is also one of my daily brushes for applying base color all over the lid.

Brush 16 is my favorite brush for applying and blending under eye concealer: in fact, it’s the only brush I’ve ever tried that blends concealer without streaks and doesn’t irritate my sensitive eyes. I also love using it to whisk away excess powder after setting concealer for a seamless finish that will last all day.  I use the Holiday Brush to apply powder on my t-zone, and it’s slightly pointed tip allows for precise application while never disturbing your foundation.  And I love Brush 02 for highlighting, contouring, and applying bronzer.  It is an absolute dream with Charlotte Tilbury’s Bronze + Glow {Nordstrom or Beautylish} as well as the Urban Decay Naked Flushed palettes {Nordstrom or Sephora}.

Charlotte Tilbury Bronze and Glow Clinique BB Cream Wayne Goss Brush 02 11 By Terry Terrybly Mascara Benefit Gimme Brow Bobbi Brown Blush

Brush 11 is the best brush I have ever used for applying blush!  The rounded tip picks up the perfect amount of product, and the soft bristles allow you to blend without disturbing foundation one bit.  My go-to blush is Hourglass’s Ethereal Glow {Nordstrom or Sephora}, and this brush fits so perfectly into the compact I swear they were meant to be used together.  Brush 11 is also great for bronzing and powder, although I prefer the Holiday Brush to set my makeup. Brush 11 is irreplaceable in my collection and I use it every day.

Please don’t be intimidated by the prices: these brushes are worth the investment.  They are easy to clean, hold their shape, and the softness is unparalleled.  Although I do have some other brushes in my collection {mostly because I’m admittedly lazy and can’t bear the thought of washing more than once a week, at best}, I always reach for my Wayne Goss brushes first, and they are the only ones I travel with.

Speaking of washing, I’m off to do just that.  I hope you enjoyed this post, and I’d love to hear about your experiences with Wayne’s delightful brushes!  As always, thank you so very much for stopping by.



Holy Grail Foundation #3

Hello, friends!

My third holy grail foundation is actually the first one I found back in December 2013: the stunning By Terry Terrybly Densiliss foundation {available at Barney’s, Space, and Beautylish}.  My other two holy grail foundation can be found here and here.  Here’s what Beautylish has to say about this lovely foundation:

Terrybly Densiliss Wrinkle Control Serum Foundation review shade 2 cream ivory

Terrybly Densiliss is a foundation serum enriched in skincare benefits with wrinkle control and firming properties that blends in like a second-skin. Wrinkles, whether deep or newly appearing, are targeted so that even the most lined skins are exceptionally smoothed. Its exclusive Densiliss technology, combined with the Mimetic Factor, a patented plant active ingredient, simulates fibroblasts and collagen synthesis by mimetism, acting at the heart of cellular mechanisms, imparting an immediate and long-lasting rejuvenating effect. The complexion is luminous, wrapped in an optimal and ultra-natural biomimetic coverage. The contours are reshaped and appear lifted, wrinkles look perfectly smoothed, the skin’s texture is refined and firmer with a newfound radiance and resplendently younger-looking.

Before By Terry Densiliss, I had nearly given up on finding a foundation that actually matched my skin tone.  And I literally tried them all: Mac, Chanel, Tom Ford, Armani, Make Up Forever, Bourjois, Estée Lauder, Bobbi Brown, etc. My skin is approximately N10 – meaning I have very fair skin with neutral undertones {neither pink nor yellow}.  Most foundations are too dark, too pink, or too yellow.  If I found a formula I liked, I mixed primer, moisturizer, and even white foundation to try to create the perfect color. Or I would find a color that was close {like Bobbi Brown’s Skin foundation in Alabaster} only to be disappointed by the formula {only lasts about 5 hours on my skin}.  So when I discovered the Beauty Professor’s blog, and read her spot on color descriptions and glowing review of the formula, I couldn’t wait to try it.

I was surprised to find that the lightest shade of this foundation likely wouldn’t work for me based on Rachel’s swatches and descriptions.  In most foundation lines, especially those that do not have parallel numbering systems based on skin tone {like Yves Saint Laurent}, the lightest shade had always been the closest match for my skin.  But I could tell from Rachel’s pictures that shade 1 would be too pink.  I chose shade 2 {cream ivory} and it was the first foundation that truly matched my skin tone!  Cream ivory is fair without being pink or yellow, and the creamy formula melts into my skin to create a flawless, natural looking base.

Terrybly Densiliss Wrinkle Control Serum Foundation review shade 2 cream ivory

Photo by Nathan French Photography

This foundation provides medium to full coverage but never looks cakey, and it truly feels weightless on the skin.  My face looks better and better throughout the day, and it gives me a lit from within glow.  It’s also a great foundation for long work days, because the lasting power is impressive {especially when used with the By Terry Densiliss primer}.  When I want a bit more luminosity, I’ll mix a dab of Charlotte Tilbury’s Wonder Glow {like I did today}. The Densiliss foundation is on the more expensive end, but a little bit goes a long way, and the stunning coverage is worth every penny.  It’s also the first foundation I finished in years {I’m on my second bottle and have one in the wings just in case!}.  So although the price seems steep, it’s far less than total price of the countless foundations I purchased that didn’t work.

Here’s the rest of the makeup I’m wearing in the photo above.

Terrybly Densiliss Wrinkle Control Serum Foundation review shade 2 cream ivory 2

By Terry Terrybly Densiliss foundation in shade 2 cream ivory
Charlotte Tilbury Wonder Glow {Nordstrom or Beautylish}
By Terry Terrybly Densiliss concealer in shade 1 fresh fair {Barney’s, Space, or Beautylish}
Charlotte Tilbury’s Brow Lift in Grace K {Nordstrom or Beautylish}
Bobbi Brown Blush in Pink Coral {Nordstrom or Sephora}
Wayne Goss Brush 11 (you need this!!) {Beautylish}
M·A·C’s Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Painterly {Nordstrom}
Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick Eye Palette in Sea Pearls {similar}
Wayne Goss Brush 06 {Beautylish}
By Terry Terrybly Growth Booster mascara in Black Parti-Pris {Beautylish or}
Chanel Beauté de Cils Nourishing Mascara Base
Charlotte Tilbury Lip Cheat liner in Pink Venus {Nordstrom or Beautylish}
Charlotte Tilbury K.I.S.S.I.N.G. lipstick in Coachella Coral {Nordstrom or Beautylish}
Carmindy & Co. Carmindizing Duo Highlighter {HSN}

I’d love to hear about some of your holy grail foundations!  And please let me know if you’ve tried any of my favorites.

Hope you have a wonderful day!


Makeup Monday: Daily Makeup Looks

Hello friends!

I’ve started sharing some of my daily makeup posts on Instagram and I thought I would share them with you, too {with shopping links!}.  I absolutely love makeup.  But if makeup is not your thing, I love that too.  That’s the beauty of makeup: it’s your face.  If you don’t love it, don’t wear it.  😉  Personally, I love how it makes me feel, I love how a bright lipstick brightens the day, I love playing with a smoky eye or colored mascara.  It’s my art, and it allows me to be creative {much like my closet remixes and style challenges}.  This video has gotten a lot of press in the last week, and I personally loved it.  I echo her sentiments 100% — makeup is fun!

I’m no makeup artist, but I do love experimenting with different looks.  I’ve been reaching into my makeup archives and using things I haven’t used in a while, which has been really fun.  And I am absolutely loving using a BB cream on its own, instead of as a primer under foundation.  I never could have done this six months ago, such a great feeling!  While I do prefer medium coverage, it’s nice to have the option, especially on hot weekend days.  Adios, acne!

By Terry Cover Expert Dior blush Naked gloss Benefit Ooh la Lift Diorshow mascara Colour Pop blush

Makeup Goal: hide tired, puffy eyes with bright blush + flawless skin

By Terry Color Expert in #2 Neutral Beige {Space NK or Barneys}
By Terry Touche Veloutée Highlighting Concealer in #1 Porcelain {Beautylish or}
Benefit Ooh La Lift {Sephora}
Colour Pop Cosmetics Blush in Mochi
Dior Diorshow Mascara in Azure Blue 258 {Neiman Marcus or Sephora}
Stila smudge stick waterproof eyeliner in Cobalt {Nordstrom or Sephora}
Dior Rosy Glow Healthy Glow Awakening Blush in Petal {Neiman Marcus or Sephora}
Urban Decay Naked Ultra Nourishing Lipgloss in Lovechild {Nordstrom or Sephora}

Tip: even if your eyelashes aren’t as blonde as mine {side note – I’m jealous!}, try a lash primer to maximize the color payoff.  I used to use this one, but Chanel’s is the best.  It keeps my lashes from drying out and eliminates smudging and fall out.

Makeup Goal: Charlotte Tilbury’s sultry Smokey Eye ‘Til I Die

Yves Saint Laurent Fusion Ink foundation Hourglass Ethereal Glow Blush Wayne Goss 11 Real Techniques Chanel Volume Mascara By Terry Terrybly MascaraCharlotte Tilbury Smokey Eye CTSmokeyEye J.Crew Factory J.Crew Everything

Yves Saint Laurent Fusion Ink Foundation in B10
Hourglass Cosmetics Ambient Lighting Blush in Ethereal Glow {Nordstrom or Sephora}
Wayne Goss Brush 11 (you need this!!) {Beautylish}
Charlotte Tilbury Color Chameleon Color Morphing Eyeshadow Pencil in Amber Haze  {Nordstrom}
By Terry Terrybly Growth Booster mascara in Black Parti-Pris {Beautylish or}
Chanel Le Volume de Chanel mascara in black {Chanel or Nordstrom}
Clinique Bottom Lash mascara in black {Nordstrom or Sephora}
Charlotte Tilbury Rock ‘n’ Kohl pencil in Eye Cheat {Nordstrom or Beautylish}
Charlotte Tilbury’s Brow Lift in Grace K {Nordstrom}
Real Techniques Domed Shadow Brush + Deluxe Crease Brush
Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Liner in Eastend Snob {Amazon}
Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupté lipstick in 1 Nude Beige {Nordstrom}

Tip: synthetic brushes are great for blending cream or pencil eyeshadows: soft, durable, and easy to clean.

Yves Saint Laurent Fusion Ink foundation naked flush mac paint pot charlotte tilbury lip gloss wayne goss 2

Makeup Goal: Feeling cheeky

Yves Saint Laurent Fusion Ink Foundation in B10
By Terry Touche Veloutée Highlighting Concealer
Urban Decay Naked Flushed in Native {Nordstrom or Sephora}
M·A·C’s Pro Longwear Paint Pot in Painterly {Nordstrom}
Wayne Goss Brush 02 {Beautylish}
Charlotte Tilbury Rock ‘n’ Kohl pencil in Elizabeth Violet {Nordstrom or Beautylish}
Charlotte Tilbury Lip Lustre in Portobello Girl {Nordstrom or Beautylish}
Yves Saint Laurent Volume Effet Faux Cils Mascara in 4 Fascinating Violet {Nordstrom}

Tip: this Naked palette is super, super pigmented {which means it will last a long time.}
Use a light hand!

Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze and Glow Nars blush Yves Saint Laurent Sheer Candy Colour Pop Eyeshadow

Makeup Goal: Golden Goddess

Colour Pop Cosmetics Get Lucky Game Face Charlotte Tilbury Bronze and GlowCharlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze & Glow {Nordstrom or Beautylish}

Colour Pop Cosmetics eye shadows in Game Face + Get Lucky

Nars blush in Sex Appeal {Nordstrom or Sephora}

Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupté Sheer Candy Gloss Lip Balm in 05 Mouthwatering Berry {Nordstrom}

Tip: lip balms are a great way to experiment with darker colors in a glossy, less intimidating finish.

Clinique BB Cream Cle De Peau Concealer Revlon Orange Flip By Terry Terrybly mascara

Makeup Goal: Fresh, glowing skin + pop of Orange

Clinique Age Defense BB Cream {mine’s from Japan, and I adore the color!  U.S. versions available at Nordstrom or Sephora}
Clé de Peau Beauté concealer in Ivory {Nordstrom, Saks, or Barneys}
By Terry Touche Veloutée Highlighting Concealer
By Terry Terrybly Growth Booster mascara in Mystic Orchid {Beautylish or}
By Terry Cellularose Blush Glace in Rose Melba {SpaceNK}
Anastasia Beverly Hills Tinted Brow Gel in Blonde {Nordstrom or Ulta}
Revlon Moon Drops Creme Lipstick in 710 Orange Flip {Walgreens or}

Tip: this is the prettiest orange lipstick I’ve tried.  I love the satin finish and you can use it as a stain by gently pressing it on your lips.  Plus it’s under $10 {and on sale at}! 


Makeup Goal: Luminous skin + soft smoky eye

Chanel Le Blanc Light Revealing Brightening Makeup Base
Yves Saint Laurent Youth Liberator Serum Foundation in B10
{Nordstrom – on sale! – or Neiman Marcus}
By Terry Touche Veloutée Highlighting Concealer
By Terry Hyaluronic Hydra-powder {Barney’s or Beautylish}
Wayne Goss Holiday Brush {Beautylish}
By Terry Terrybly Growth Booster mascara in Black Parti-Pris
Clinique Bottom Lash mascara in black
Benefit Hervana {Macy’s or Sephora}
Real Techniques Domed Shadow Brush
Eyeko Me + My Shadow liner in taupe {Anthropologie or Nordstrom}
Anastasia Perfect Brow Pencil in taupe {Nordstrom or Sephora}
Fresh Sugar Passion lip treatment {Nordstrom or Sephora}

Tip: if you have dry skin, this By Terry powder is amazing.  It’s the only powder I can use without my face looking dry and flaky.  And the Wayne Goss Holiday Brush is simply brilliant for loose or pressed powder.

Are you a fellow makeup lover?  I’d love to hear some of your tips and tricks!  As always, thanks for stopping by!


PS – portraits by Nathan French Photography

Closet Remix: Lady Lawyer

Hello friends!

It’s been a little over two months since I retired my business suits.  I even moved them into our office closet!  My bedroom closet {let’s be real, it’s not “ours”} is now filled with bright colors, patterns, and casual{ish} pieces that make me happy.  And I’m slowly but surely finding my new non-lady lawyer style, thanks in large part to Instagram style challenges.

I’ve had a few kind women mention that they miss seeing my work posts on Instagram, so I thought I’d share a few remixes with my favorite suits.  J.Crew suiting was the backbone of my professional wardrobe, especially the super 120s wool.  But I must note that the pricing has skyrocketed since I first started buying suits, while the quality has declined.  {Read more about this here.}  That said, J.Crew is offering 30% off through April 26th with the code “TIMETOSHOP,” so if you’re in the market for suiting, this is the time to stock up!

Personally, I’m not a fan of pants suits.  I’ve tried a few different styles and they just don’t work for me.  And after spending many hours in court watching fellow lady lawyers stand and argue, I’ve come to the conclusion that pants suits don’t work for a lot of women.  My two cents: if you want to rock a pants suit, you must get them tailored.  And be sure to look at your pants from all angles {take a selfie if you can’t get to a three way mirror!}.  Unstructured wool can be very unkind to even the most fabulous derriere. 😉

I prefer to buy three piece suits: dress, jacket, and pencil skirt.  I like having options, and this combo is fantastic for business travel.  I’m wearing the Emmaleigh and Bridget dresses in the pictures below, which are sadly no longer available, but I’m swooning over this bow-shoulder dress.  J.Crew Factory also has great suiting options at more affordable prices, including a dead-ringer for my beloved Emmaleigh dress (1, 23). Both J.Crew and J.Crew Factory sell pinstripe options as well (1, 2, 3, 4).

I’ve shared a few different ways I styled my suits in the past: hope you enjoy!  {Need more inspiration?  Click here.}  Since all of my suiting is neutral, I add a pop of color or a fun pattern in my shoes or tops {and lipstick, of course}, and almost always wear tights to combat courtroom air conditioning.  And even though I’m no longer wearing them on a regular basis, I’m still dreaming about that perfectly tailored red suit…

Thank you very much for stopping by!


J.Crew Emmaleigh Dress 1035 Jacket Super 120s wool Limited Bow Top Chinese Laundry Kristin Cavallari Copertina Heels

J.Crew Emmaleigh dress + 1035 two-button jacket in black
The Limited Pintuck Bow Blouse
Chinese Laundry Kristin Cavallari Copertina Heels {buy other colors}

J.Crew 1035 Jacket Pencil Skirt Super 120s wool Tie-Neck Bow Top Steven by Steve Madden Ravesh Heels

J.Crew 1035 two-button jacket + pencil skirt in light heather gray
J.Crew tie-neck silk top
Steven by Steve Madden Ravesh pump in green

J.Crew Emmaleigh Dress 1035 Jacket Super 120s pinstripe wool Steven by Steve Madden Ravesh heels silk blend scarf

J.Crew 1035 two-button jacket + Emmaleigh dress in charcoal pinstripe
J.Crew refined silk-cashmere wrap in blush {buy}
Steven by Steve Madden Ravesh pump in blush
Kate Spade New York Litchfield Joelle leather tote

J.Crew Bridget Dress 1035 Jacket Super 120s wool Beaded necklace Chinese Laundry Kristin Cavallari Copertina Heels

J.Crew Bridget Dress + Sidney jacket {similar} in heather flannel
J.Crew beaded necklace + quilted bag
Chinese Laundry Kristin Cavallari Copertina Heels

J.Crew Three Button Jacket Pencil Skirt Super 120s pinstripe wool Silk Boy Shirt French Hen Mona patent leather nude heels

J.Crew three button jacket + pencil skirt in navy pinstripe
J.Crew silk boy shirt in French Hen {similar}
J.Crew Mona patent pumps in warm bisque {similarish}
Kate Spade New York Harrison Street Adelle bag in sunshine

J.Crew Emmaleigh Dress 1035 Jacket Super 120s wool Pearl Necklace KJP Kiel James Patrick Scarlett O’Hara Vickers Bow bracelet Factory Isabelle houndstooth pumps

J.Crew 1035 two-button jacket + Emmaleigh dress in black
Pearl necklace {gift from my dad}
Kate Spade New York double bow studs {similar}
Kiel James Patrick Scarlett O’Hara Vickers Bow bracelet {buy}
J.Crew Factory Isabelle houndstooth pumps {similar}

J.Crew 1035 Jacket Pencil Skirt Super 120s wool Brooks Brothers Non-Iron Fitted Double Stripe Dress Shirt Oroblu Tricot Sable Fishnet Tights Chinese Laundry Kristin Cavallari Copertina Heels

J.Crew 1035 two-button jacket + pencil skirt in navy
Brooks Brothers Non-Iron Fitted Double Stripe Dress Shirt {similar, on sale!}
Oroblu Tricot Sable Fishnet Tights {on sale!}
Chinese Laundry Kristin Cavallari Copertina Heels
J.Crew bag

J.Crew 1035 Jacket Pencil Skirt Super 120s wool printed heart blouse Factory Isabelle houndstooth pumps

J.Crew 1035 two-button jacket + pencil skirt in black
J.Crew Factory printed shirt {love this one!}
J.Crew Factory Isabelle houndstooth pumps
Chanel earrings

J.Crew Bridget Dress 1035 Jacket Super 120s wool Brooks Brothers Non-Iron Tailored Fit Thin Stripe Dress Shirt Factory dot tights Ivanka Trump Janna Mary Jane Pump Kate Spade Shoulder Bag

J.Crew Bridget Dress + Sidney jacket in heather flannel
Brooks Brothers Non-Iron Tailored Fit Thin Stripe Dress Shirt {similar}
J.Crew Factory polka-dot tights
Ivanka Trump Janna Mary Jane Pump
Kate Spade New York bag

J.Crew 1035 Jacket Pencil Skirt Super 120s wool cashmere turtleneck sweater Kate Spade NY Hudson Street leopard calf half bag Gigantic Swiss Dot Tights Stuart Weitzman Platswoon Pump

J.Crew 1035 two-button jacket + pencil skirt in black
J.Crew collection cashmere turtleneck sweater in pine {buy}
Kate Spade New York Hudson Street leopard calf half bag {similar}
Kate Spade NY Gigantic Swiss Dot Tights
Stuart Weitzman Platswoon Pump {buy}

J.Crew Three Button Jacket Emmaleigh dress Super 120s pinstripe wool backseam tights opera length pearl necklace Stuart Weitzman Platswoon Pump

J.Crew 1035 three-button jacket + Emmaleigh dress in navy pinstripe
J.Crew opera length pearl necklace {buy}
Nordstrom Sheer Back Seam Stockings {similar}
Stuart Weitzman Platswoon Pump {buy}

What I Wore 2.0 (May Gray)

You never know what to expect from the weather in San Francisco.  I’ve learned to carry a jacket everyday, no matter what.  And of course if I wear my rain boots, it doesn’t rain.  Better safe than sorry?

Thanks for sticking with me.  Only one more month of backlogged photos to go.  🙂

Blondie, Esq.

05.03 fri

Old Navy Tube-Top maxi dress in pink stripe (buy) // Gap leopard bow ballet flats // J.Crew light gray Jackie cardigan (buy // similar) // J.Crew jewelry
(My expression = what happens when you dress for summer in winter weather.  Brrrrrr!!)

05.05 sun

Old Navy 3/4-Sleeve Jersey Dresses (buy) // J.Crew super opaque tights // Cole Haan Air Monica ballet flat // t&j designs Luxe Turquoise Flower Petal Necklace (buy) // Banana Republic classic trench in winter storm (buy) // Guess Layla headphones (buy)

05.06 mon

J.Crew collection cashmere turtleneck sweater in pine // J.Crew Factory destroyed vintage matchstick jeans // Enzo Angiolini pink patent Cimino pumps // t&j designs earrings

05.07 tues

J.Crew light heather graphite two-button jacket (similar) and Durham pant (similar) in super 120s // J.Crew Jackie shell (buy) // Banana Republic tailored non-iron sateen shirt (I think!) (buy) // Vince Camuto Kain pumps (buy)

05.08 weds

Banana Republic silk paisley dress // J.Crew skinny metallic belt // Enzo Angiolini peep toe pumps

05.09 thurs

J.Crew black Emmaleigh dress in Super 120s (buy) // J.Crew Talitha blouse in vintage berry // Nordstrom black fishnet tights (buy) // Steven by Steve Madden Ravesh pump (buy) // Kate Spade skinny mini long bow necklace (buy)

05.10 fri

J.Crew Factory banded shift dress in viridian green // J.Crew black Everly suede pump (buy) // t&j designs luxe turquoise flower petal necklace (buy)

05.11 sat

J.Crew denim jacket // J.Crew ruffled top // Gap 1969 printed always skinny skimmer jeans (buy other prints) // J.Crew Factory patent bow ballet flats (similar) // Chanel sunglasses // Coach bag // J.Crew knotted necklace

05.12 sun

Banana Republic classic trench in winter storm (buy) // ASOS floral back-zipper dress (worn as a skirt) // J.Crew denim pencil skirt (similar) // Kate Spade belt (from another dress) // Chanel earrings // Coach bag // Cole Haan Air Monica ballet flat

05.13 mon

J.Crew charcoal  1035 jacket (buy) and pencil skirt (buy) in pinstripe Super 120s // Banana Republic tailored non-iron sateen shirt (buy) // Steven by Steve Madden Ravesh pump (buy)

05.14 tues

J.Crew rumpled french terry hoodie // J.Crew dress // J.Crew Alessia peep-toe heels in bright spearmint // J.Crew jewelry

05.15 weds

J.Crew short-sleeve cotton v-neck cardigan // ASOS bow blouse // BCBG flare trousers // Enzo Angiolini peep toe pumps // t&j designs earrings

05.16 thurs

J.Crew scattered dot dress // J.Crew Tilda oxford rhinestone top (buy) // J.Crew super opaque tights // Hunter Champray wedge rain boot

What I Wore (in April)

Playing catch up, as usual!  Here are a few looks, starting where we left off in April (time flies!).  On the plus side, maybe some of the things I’m wearing are now on sale.  🙂

Thanks for reading!

Blondie, Esq.

04.19 fri

J.Crew 1035 jacket in superfine cotton (buy) // Banana Republic short-sleeve plaid dress // Nordstrom back seam stockings in black (buy) // Vince Camuto Kain pumps (buy)

04.20 sat

American Eagle maxi dress // J.Crew cardigan // J.Crew leather belt (similar) // J.Crew sandals // Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses (loving these)

04.21 sun

J.Crew pleated cotton dress // Gap checked scarf // Kate Spade bag // Chanel sunglasses // Cole Haan Air Monica ballet flat (buy) // Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupté Shine in 19 (Fuchsia in Rage) (buy)

04.22 mon 1

J.Crew solid embossed beach dress in bright seaside (find it on eBay!) // Banana Republic cardigan // Guess peep toe bow pumps // Bauble Bar monogram necklace // J.Crew anchor earrings and ring

04.22 mon 2

My awesome shoe guy in San Diego fixed these puppies for me a few years ago – just love them too much to let a few rips get in the way!  And the patches have held up great.  🙂

04.23 Tues

J.Crew black 1035 jacket (buy) and in-box pencil skirt in super 120s // J.Crew floral ruffled top (similar) // J.Crew Joley tortoise peep toes // J.Crew Factory earrings // Oroblu ‘Tricot’ Fishnet Tights (buy)

04.24 weds

Banana Republic pants (similar) // Brooks Brothers striped shirt // J.Crew Jackie cardigan (buy // similar) // J.Crew collection Contessa snakeskin-bow pumps

04.25 thurs 1

J.Crew cashmere tee dress // Nordstrom back seam stockings in light beige (buy) // J.Crew bubble necklace  // Cole Haan Air Monica ballet flat

04.25 thurs 2

Christian Louboutin Love Me pump // J.Crew collection lady four-strand pearl necklace (buy)

04.26 fri

J.Crew french terry popover // J.Crew embellished tank // Old Navy hirise flare jeans // t&j Designs light blue pyramid bracelet

Wacky Weather

Playing catch up today, as usual.  🙂  The weather in San Francisco is always unpredictable, as you will see from my latest looks.  Some days I feel more inclined to dress for the season (aka freeze my butt off) and some days I give in and layer up.  I also took a day trip to Orange County two weeks ago and took advantage of the warm weather in my gray cotton suit.  I generally love the weather in the Bay Area because I love to dress in layers, but sometimes I long for the warmth of the sun…  Luckily we have a (warm) vacation coming up in June!

Oh and you may notice more “seen” links in this post than usual — thanks to Uncle Sam, I am trying really, really, really, really hard not to shop outside of my closet for the month of April.  So far, so good!  I’m having fun remixing some old favorites.

Happy Spring, friends.  Whatever it looks (or feels) like to you!

Blondie, Esq. ❤

04.05 fri

Old Navy ruffled chiffon maxi dress (seen) // Wallace for J.Crew boyfriend cardigan (similar) // J.Crew factory retro lemon tissue scarf // J.Crew patent bow ballet flats

04.08 mon

J.Crew teal v-neck dream cardigan (similar) // J.Crew dotted Victoria ruffle cami // Gap 1969 black always skinny jeans (similar) //  J.Crew Everly cap toe glitter pump in peacock feather (buy) // J.Crew hand-knotted pearl necklace

04.09 Tues

J.Crew soft graphite nouvelle jacket (similar) and Emmaleigh dress in superfine cotton (seen with less wrinkles!) // J.Crew Factory classic button up shirt in extravagant green gingham (buy) // J.Crew cool graphite Serengeti peep toes  // Chanel sunglasses // Essie Mojito Madness (buy)

04.10 Weds

J.Crew Factory classic wool blazer in maraschino cherry (buy) // J.Crew Factory navy polka dot tank (similarseen) // J.Crew opera-length pearl necklace (buy) // J.Crew Factory destroyed vintage matchstick jeans // Enzo Angiolini wedge sandals // J.Crew Factory earrings

04.11 Thurs

J.Crew sweet papaya refined canvas Fiona jacket (seen) // J.Crew origami sheath dress in wool crepe (buy, seen) // Nordstrom sable fishnet tights (buy) // Banana Republic color block pumps

04.12 Fri

J.Crew jeweled sweater // J.Crew Factory stretch classic shirt (buy) // J.Crew bootcut jeans (similar) // J.Crew Lulu metallic-leather peep toes in platinum gold

04.15 Mon

J.Crew Factory classic blazer  in black watch plaid // Banana Republic ruffle silk top // J.Crew white high-waisted skinny jean // J.Crew silver Everly mirror metallic pump (buy)

04.16 Tues

J.Crew sea glass Blythe silk blouse (buy – on sale!) // J.Crew navy polka dot Elinor dress (seen) // Steven by Steve Madden Ravesh pump (buy)

04.16 tues 2

Chanel earrings // Benefit high beam highlighter (buy)

04.17 Weds

J.Crew Jackie cardigan (buy – similar) // J.Crew Oxford boy shirt in polka dot (similar) // J.Crew paintbrush floral Belle skirt in olive quartz (seen) // J.Crew Fleur suede peep-toe heels in fuchsia // Banana Republic earrings // Coach pavé bow ring // Nars schiap lipstick (buy)