Why Do We Demand Women Be Professionally Demure?


Lara Vukelich

I hope people respect my work. My assertive suggestions and pointed questions are driven by a quest to produce stellar work. And I do really good fucking work. But there’s a reason I’ll never work in an office again, and it’s that when you’re a Woman at Work churning out top tier product isn’t enough.

We also have to be nonthreatening.

To be a Woman in the Workplace is to find yourself atop a very thin wire. Fall to one side, and you’re too demanding and shrill, fall to the other and you’ll never be seen as a leader. And your destiny could come down to whether or not you use enough exclamation point in your emails or use the word “just” in front of sentences so as to seem timid enough not to offend.

Worse yet, the senior female staff can be the most ardent professors at the School…

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