Sunny San Diego

Hello friends!

I hope you are all enjoying your fall respective weather!  I love layers, and my office is cold, so the recent crisp days in Southern California have been right up my alley.  🙂

We took a quick trip to San Diego yesterday for a good friend’s birthday party and saw a bunch of friends we haven’t seen in ages.  So much fun!  And I also reunited with my fantastic hairdresser.  She’s amazing, and I love that she does both cut and color.  After lunch at one of our favorite taco shops, we headed over to the Hotel Del Coronado to take a few pictures.  It was a lovely day, and so nice to be back on the old stomping grounds.

Hope you all had a great weekend, and as always, thank you so much for reading!

Blondie, Esq.

1 IMG_9440

~ J.Crew Factory tartan pleated mini & draped pocket tank (buy) ~
~ J.Crew Factory colorblock elbow-patch sweater ~ Celine sunglasses ~
~Bronx boots & Coach bag (old) ~

3 IMG_9388

2 IMG_9406

6 IMG_9419 6.5 IMG_9417

5 IMG_9425

7 IMG_9371 7.5 IMG_9372

9 IMG_9473

(couldn’t resist, of course)


Long December

Is the song now in your head?  Ah the 90s.

Here’s a whirlwind tour through December.  January was a crazy month and this weekend I’m playing catch up.  I’m mainly posting this because I’m stubborn and I told myself I would.  I won’t be upset at all if you skim quickly!   If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen most of this already.    Except there are some lovely shots by my lovely husband… now you just might have to check out the whole thing.  Muahaha.

Thanks for sticking around.  I’ve missed you guys.  🙂


* Tokyo *12.09 SatJ.Crew Factory warmspun stripepocket dress // K. Bell Socks fleece lined legging – buy // Zara leather high heel ankle boot // Niemen Marcus Amicale cashmere wrap
12.10 MonJ.Crew factory professor blazer in heather graphite – buy // J.Crew navy large dot tights // J.Crew Oxford boy shirt in polka dot // J.Crew black Emmaleigh dress in Super 120s – buy // J.Crew Everly suede pumps – buy //
12.11 tuesFactory intarsia Charley bow sweater // J.Crew Factory polka-dot tights // Stuart Weitzman Platswoon pumps  // J.Crew in-box pencil skirt in super 120s // J.Crew Blythe silk blouse – buy
12.11 birthday girl
12.12 WedsJ.Crew factory classic blazer in black watch plaid // Kate Spade gold dot tights (sort of an epic fail) // J.Crew Emmaleigh dress (again) // J.Crew Everly suede pumps (again) // J.Crew merino turtleneck sweater // J.Crew bubble necklace – buy
12.13 Thurs J.Crew striped turtleneck tissue tee // J.Crew factory classic sweater dress in fiesta purple – buy // K. Bell Socks charcaol fleece lined legging – buy // Zara leather high heel ankle boot // t+j designs silver crystal heart studs – buy
Japan 1Japan 2Japan 4Japan 3Japan 5
* home sweet home *12.14.12 FridayJ.Crew gray turtleneck sweater dress // Kamik houndstooth rain boots // Calvin Klein hooded raincoat – buy // t+j designs earrings
12.17 MonJ.Crew jacket, dress, belt, & wide cashmere wrap – buy // J.Crew factory earrings – Kate Spade wedge pump
12.18 TuesJ.Crew Factory lightweight wool jacket – buy and pencil skirt – buy // J.Crew sparkle ribbed tights // J.Crew Mona leather pumps – buy // Chanel earrings // J.Crew Blythe silk blouse – buy
12.20 Thurs pho12.20 ThursJ.Crew navy three-button jacket and Emmaleigh dress – buy in pinstripe super 120s // Brooks Brothers non-iron tailored fit shirt – buy // Stuart Weitzman Platswoon pumps  // J.Crew black super opaque tights12.21 friJ.Crew factory classic button up shirt in extravagant green gingham – buy // Gap black always skinny pant // J.Crew spindrift sweatshirt in light emerald // Hunter Champray wedge rain boot // Kate Spade Parisian lights Eiffel tower earrings // t+j Designs luxe pave bow ring – buy 12.23 sunJ.Crew celestial blue cashmere tee dress – buy // J.Crew collection lady four-strand pearl necklace – buy // Kate Spade Garance Dore Georgie clutch // J.Crew wool argyle knee-high socks // Hunter Champray wedge rain boot IMG_1589IMG_1755IMG_1800J.Crew black peacoat // J.Crew wide cashmere wrap and hat – buy in vintage kelly // K. Bell charcoal fleece lined legging – buy // Kamik houndstooth rain boots // J.Crew cashmere // Forever 21 tunic sweater (ancient) // J.Crew argyle knee-high socksIMG_154312.27 thurs J.Crew Factory patent bow flats // J.Crew factory navy boatneck sweater dress // J.Crew navy excursion quilted vest  // J.Crew handbag // J.Crew factory white chambray tunic // Bauble Bar monogram necklace // Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses // Chanel earrings // J.Crew collection twisted triple-strand pearl bracelet – buy
* road trip *12.29 satJ.Crew factory anya cap toe ballet flats – buy // J.Crew charcoal opaque tights // Old Navy striped cowl-neck sweater dress12.30 sunJ.Crew factory printed draped shift dress – buy // J.Crew black opaque tights // J.Crew solid opaque tights – buy // J.Crew factory retro lemon tissue scarf // J.Crew Everly suede pump in deep violet12.31 mon 1 J.Crew celestial blue cashmere tee dress – buy // J.Crew collection lady four-strand pearl necklace – buy // J.Crew wool-blend ribbed tights // Banana Republic classic trench in winter storm – buy // Bronx boots // Kate Spade bag // Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses12.31 mon 2

Last Week in Instagram

I’ve been using Instagram for my blog pictures for the last few months (hey, might as well embrace the iPhone thing, right?).  If you follow me there, you’ve seen (most of) these pictures before.  But here are the details in case you want to do some shopping (or need things to add to your letter to Santa).  I’ve thought about giving up the blog in favor of Instagram all together, but the jury is still out.  In the meantime, here’s a photo dump!

*Wednesday night*
<J.Crew factory boatneck sweater dress – buy> <J.Crew gray fishnet tights (old)> <Old Navy booties> <J.Crew necklaces>

Sorry for the bad pictures!  It gets so dark in our house at night, and it was too late to take clear pictures on our way out to dinner.  This dress is a beautiful forrest/teal green–love it!  (And again, the picture doesn’t do the shape justice either!  Not sure what is going on in this one, but sharing nonetheless.)  I’ll have to wear it again soon.

<J.Crew sweater coat (old)> <J.Crew striped union suit (old) – similar> <J.Crew reindeer knee-socks> <Kate Spade say yes “mrs” necklace – buy>

Husband and I had a lovely, quiet Thanksgiving at home, and I couldn’t resist sharing my “outfit.”  🙂  Oh and I finally got this “mrs” necklace I’ve been dreaming about, even though I’m not a newlywed… I just love it!  We cooked together (I blanched things for the first time, major) and it was the best thanksgiving meal I’ve ever had.  Husband made turkey legs and wins confit-style with bacon fat… oh. my. gosh. was it good!  I’m still dreaming of leftovers…

Everyone did a lot of eating and sleeping this weekend, especially on Thursday; even the cats were worn out by the end of the day!

Friday night we celebrated the holiday with my mom and her brother.

<J.Crew jersey dress> <J.Crew dream open cardigan with pockets (old)> <J.Crew black super opaque tights – buy> <Zara leather high heel ankle boot – buy>  <Pin (old)> <t+j Designs luxe pave bow ring – buy>

I am still trying to get the hang of these new rollers.   I like the volume but it’s a bit hard to work with the curlers without getting lines in my hair.  Any tips would be greatly appreciated.  🙂

Sunday was another relaxing day.  Husband and I wandered around our neighborhood and he made the most amazing turkey stew with our leftovers.  (I think I just drooled writing this.  It was sooooooo good!)

<Charcoal gray cashmere turtleneck -gift from my dad – similar> <Old Navy men’s long sleeve tee> <J.Crew high-waisted skinny jean in Adore Me wash – buy> <J.Crew navy excursion quilted vest – buy> <Gap city flats (old) – buy> <Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses>

Pellegrino?  Check.  Neon flats?  Check.  Soup weather?  Check!

What a lovely holiday.  Now back to work!

<J.Crew factory professor blazer in maraschino cherry – buy> <J.Crew collection cashmere polka-dot sweater – buy> <Banana Republic tailored non-iron sateen shirt – buy> <Old Navy hirise retro flare jeans – similar-ish> <Zara leather high heel ankle boot – buy>

I am absolutely loving the weather in SF!  I could never enjoy wearing as many layers during my years in San Diego; even though it was always freezing in my office, it was way too warm outside for many cashmere sweater & wool blazer looks.  So I’m taking full advantage and piling on the warmth!  Also completely obsessed with my new ring from the lovely ladies at t+j Designs.

And, finally, here’s what I’m wearing today.

<J.Crew black cashmere tee dress (old) – buy> <J.Crew perfect shirt in chambray polka dot – buy> <K. Bell Socks fleece lined legging – buy> <J.Crew argyle knee-socks> <Bronx boots>

Thank you, thank you, thank you Tiffany for telling me about these amazing leggings!!  They are so soft and cozy without any added bulk.  I just ordered a few more pairs, and at less than $20, they don’t break the bank either!  Between the cashmere and the fleece leggings, I am snug as a bug in a rug today.

Phew… if you’re still there, thank you!  🙂  And I hope everyone had a lovely holiday!



Here’s what I wore on Saturday.

<J.Crew factory classic sweater dress in fiesta purple – buy> <J.Crew signature leggings – buy> <J.Crew knotted gold necklace> <J.Crew rainy day flats> // <J.Crew argyle knee socks> <Bronx boots>

It was supposed to rain, so I wore my adorable rainy day flats to my hair appointment.  They aren’t very warm, however, so when it didn’t rain during the earlier part of the day, I added a few layers before husband and I had a late brunch.  It’s sooooo good to have him home!  (PS – I got a “Veronica Lake’ blow out after getting blonded – how fun is that?)

Hope y’all had a wonderful weekend!


I Saw Red

<J.Crew Factory professor blazer – buy> <J.Crew denim leggings> <Gap striped turtleneck sweater – similar> <American Eagle lace camisole (old)> <Bronx boots> <Kate Spade skinny mini long bow necklace – buy> <Coach pave bow ring> <Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses> <Kate Spade knightsbridge mod helena shoulder bag>

I wore a bunch of my favorite things today with my new red blazer (inspired by Ms. CSK).  It is a lovely fall day, mid-60s with sunshine, and my iTunes playlist (Abba’s greatest hits) forced me to get off the bus early and walk a mile to work.  I was *that girl* walking around with a big ole grin on her face today.  Loving my beautiful city!

Happy Friday, y’all!



Sweater dress (seen here) – patterned tights, J.Crew; scarf, American Eagle (seen here with the boots!); peacoat, Kristen Blake (seen here); bag, Kate Spade; boots, Bronx; sunglasses, Marc by Marc Jacobs

Well, I made it to SF!!  The first few days were a little stressful.  It seemed like everything that could go wrong, did.  But thankfully husband was here with me for the first two days to keep me sane.  Yesterday I took a quick break from work to get some fresh air and husband snapped these great blog pics!  I wish we both had time to make this happen every day.  And I’m biased, but is he a great photographer or what?!  🙂

Loving this city so far, but wish I had more time to play!  And on that note, back to work.

Thanks for reading!

Blondie, Esq.

Mama Said They’ll Be Days Like This

Details: fair isle v-neck sweater (super old!!, similar here), three-quarter sleeve stretch perfect shirt – denim leggings – cocktail ring, J.Crew; watch, Lacoste; boots, Bronx; crystal encrusted white earrings, t+j Designs

Some days I don’t feel sublimely creative when getting ready for work.  Today was one of those days.  But since I like to post every day to selfishly keep track of my closet, I’m including this not-super-inspired outfit.  I’ve had this sweater for a really long time (maybe even high school???) and every few years I pull it out again.  With all the fair isle I’m seeing this year, it seemed like the perfect time.  Plus it’s warm, machine washable, cotton, and clean.  Win x 4.

You’ve seen these earrings at least a dozen times, but they really are my favorites.  They work with absolutely everything and give a subtle element of sparkle.  I can’t wait to show you some of the new earrings I got from t+j Designs too – they are so cute!

Okay, back to work.  Thanks for reading, everyone!

Blondie, Esq.