Belated Hawaii Pics

Here are some long overdue pictures from our vacation to Maui during the first week of June.  Although it wasn’t the most relaxing trip we’ve had due to a number of factors, we were happy to get away and spend some quality time together.  It was my first time to Hawaii and husband’s first trip in years.  The resort was beautiful (thanks again, Westin!), as was the weather.  The food, however, was a big let down…  But to be fair, I think we have slightly ridiculous expectations after living in SF for the past year and a half (aka food paradise).  I still prefer the Caribbean, but this place is on the top of our wish list.

I spent most of the trip in a swimsuit with my kindle and some SPF 6 zillion, but I did snap a few outfits.  And waaaaay too many sunset pictures.  I’ll only subject you to a few.  😉

Hope you all had a bit of vacation this summer.  As always, thank you so much for reading!

Blondie, Esq.

2013.06.01 a plane

Wheels up!

2013.06.01 made it

We finally made it!  Nothing to do but enjoy the beautiful weather.  ❤
~ Old Navy maxi tee dress (buy) ~ Chanel sunglasses ~

2013.06.02 dress

~ J.Crew Piqué v-neck ruffle dress in tea rose ~ Guess platform sandals ~
~ Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses ~

2013.06.02 view

The view from our patio

2013.06.03 capitan

Snapping the snapper on a sunset sail

2013.06.03 ocean

2013.06.03 sunset mas

2013.06.04 big beach

~ J.Crew dress ~ Chanel sunglasses ~ Ocean Minded sandals~

2013.06.05 iao valley 1.5 who you callin chicken

Chasing chickens

2013.06.05 iao valley 1

Iao Valley State Park

2013.06.05 iao valley 2

2013.06.05 iao valley 3

Kanaloa is happy to see us 😉
(couldn’t resist…)

2013.06.05 iao valley don't take my picture

He loves being on this side of the camera.

2013.06.06 cheeeese

~ J.Crew Whisper gauze beach tunic in sea glass (buy) ~
~ Marc by Marc Jacobs Sunglasses~

2013.06.06 sofia

Sunset with Sofia!
~ J.Crew Spindrift sweatshirt in light emerald ~ J.Crew dizzy anchor dress ~
~ Marc by Marc Jacobs Sunglasses ~

2013.06.06 sunset

2013.06.07 a dress

~ Gap Printed crossover maxi dress in yellow print ~ J.Crew belt ~ Chanel sunglasses~

2013.06.07 aloha dinner

Aloha dinner (sniff, sniff)

2013.06.07 bird

Luckiest shot ever!


First, thank you all for the helpful and sweet comments on my last post!  It’s nice to know that I’m not writing in a vacuum.  🙂  Thank you so much for your support and for sticking with my lil ole blog despite my months of absence.  Y’all are the best!!!

Second, I’m trying a new method for catching up on outfits for the past few (er, three) months, so here is my first post: weekend looks.  Summer weather in SF is completely random and unpredictable.  For the most part it was cooooooold, but the sun did pay us a few visits here and there.  We did a lot of walking this summer so my weekend looks center around comfortable shoes (an absolute necessity in this city).

Thank you so much for reading!

Blondie, Esq.

2013.06.29 sat

~ J.Crew rugby-striped dress in fresco green (buy) ~ Coach bag (super old) ~
~  J.Crew Factory patent bow ballet flats ~ Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses ~
~ t+j Designs silver crystal heart studs (on sale!) ~

2013.07.13 cheers

Aptly named Zoya Sweet nail polish (buy)

2013.07.13 sat

~ J.Crew poplin Bridget dress ~ J.Crew silver Everly mirror metallic pumps (similar) ~
~ t+j Designs earrings (I think?) ~

2013.07.14 sun

~ J.Crew Factory tailored boy blazer in navy seersucker (buy) ~
~ Guess bow peep-toe heels ~ J.Crew ruffled leopard top ~
~ J.Crew ankle toothpick jeans (similar) ~ J.Crew pave heart ring and studs ~

2013.07.21 sun

J.Crew excursion quilted vest (2012 ) (Factory, 2013) ~
~ J.Crew Factory navy gingham shirt (buy) ~ Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses ~
~ Gap 1969 camo always skinny skimmer jeans (similar) ~

2013.07.27 sat

~ Old Navy 3/4-sleeve jersey dress ~ J.Crew belt ~ Enzo Angiolini peep-toe heels ~

2013.08.04 sun

~ J.Crew garment-dyed ankle-zip toothpick jean in spearmint (similar) ~
~  J.Crew Factory intarsia Charley bow sweater (similar) ~
~ Cole Haan Air Monica ballet flat ~

2013.08.11 sun

~ J.Crew dream open cardigan with pockets ~ Gap gingham scarf ~
~ Chanel sunglasses ~ Guess Layla headphones (buy) ~
~ American Eagle skinny jean in light vintage destroy (buy) ~

2013.08.24 sat

~ J.Crew Dree dress (similar) ~ Old Navy textured short-zip boots in camel (buy) ~
~ J.Crew classic merino long cardigan in vintage kelly (buy) ~
~ Bauble Bar monogram necklace ~ J.Crew belt ~ Coach bag ~ 

2013.08.25 sun

~ J.Crew Factory mint stripe button-down shirt ~ J.Crew denim short ~
~ Old Navy lightweight surplus jacket in camouflage green (similar) ~
~ Old Navy ankle boots (2011, similar) ~ J.Crew Factory printed tissue scarf ~

2013.09.02 mon

~ Gap navy fitted boyfriend cat print shirt (buy) ~ Coach pave bow ring ~
~ J.Crew bag ~ Celine New Audrey sunglasses ~
2013.09.07 sat
~ J.Crew Factory Anya cap toe ballet flats (similar) ~
~ J.Crew Factory Whittier purse in collegiate green ~
2013.09.08 sun
~ J.Crew navy polka dot Elinor dress ~ J.Crew bag ~
~ Steven by Steve Madden Ravesh pump (buy) ~
2013.09.15 sunJ.Crew infinity cardigan in dark raisin (similar) ~ J.Crew ruffled silk shell ~
~ American Eagle hi-rise skinny jean (similar) ~ J.Crew bag ~

2013.09.21 Sat

~ J.Crew rainy day ballet flats ~

2013.09.22 sun

~ J.Crew Boyfriend military jacket ~ Spun by Subtle Luxury scarf ~ Husband’s tee ~

What I Wore 2.0 (May Gray)

You never know what to expect from the weather in San Francisco.  I’ve learned to carry a jacket everyday, no matter what.  And of course if I wear my rain boots, it doesn’t rain.  Better safe than sorry?

Thanks for sticking with me.  Only one more month of backlogged photos to go.  🙂

Blondie, Esq.

05.03 fri

Old Navy Tube-Top maxi dress in pink stripe (buy) // Gap leopard bow ballet flats // J.Crew light gray Jackie cardigan (buy // similar) // J.Crew jewelry
(My expression = what happens when you dress for summer in winter weather.  Brrrrrr!!)

05.05 sun

Old Navy 3/4-Sleeve Jersey Dresses (buy) // J.Crew super opaque tights // Cole Haan Air Monica ballet flat // t&j designs Luxe Turquoise Flower Petal Necklace (buy) // Banana Republic classic trench in winter storm (buy) // Guess Layla headphones (buy)

05.06 mon

J.Crew collection cashmere turtleneck sweater in pine // J.Crew Factory destroyed vintage matchstick jeans // Enzo Angiolini pink patent Cimino pumps // t&j designs earrings

05.07 tues

J.Crew light heather graphite two-button jacket (similar) and Durham pant (similar) in super 120s // J.Crew Jackie shell (buy) // Banana Republic tailored non-iron sateen shirt (I think!) (buy) // Vince Camuto Kain pumps (buy)

05.08 weds

Banana Republic silk paisley dress // J.Crew skinny metallic belt // Enzo Angiolini peep toe pumps

05.09 thurs

J.Crew black Emmaleigh dress in Super 120s (buy) // J.Crew Talitha blouse in vintage berry // Nordstrom black fishnet tights (buy) // Steven by Steve Madden Ravesh pump (buy) // Kate Spade skinny mini long bow necklace (buy)

05.10 fri

J.Crew Factory banded shift dress in viridian green // J.Crew black Everly suede pump (buy) // t&j designs luxe turquoise flower petal necklace (buy)

05.11 sat

J.Crew denim jacket // J.Crew ruffled top // Gap 1969 printed always skinny skimmer jeans (buy other prints) // J.Crew Factory patent bow ballet flats (similar) // Chanel sunglasses // Coach bag // J.Crew knotted necklace

05.12 sun

Banana Republic classic trench in winter storm (buy) // ASOS floral back-zipper dress (worn as a skirt) // J.Crew denim pencil skirt (similar) // Kate Spade belt (from another dress) // Chanel earrings // Coach bag // Cole Haan Air Monica ballet flat

05.13 mon

J.Crew charcoal  1035 jacket (buy) and pencil skirt (buy) in pinstripe Super 120s // Banana Republic tailored non-iron sateen shirt (buy) // Steven by Steve Madden Ravesh pump (buy)

05.14 tues

J.Crew rumpled french terry hoodie // J.Crew dress // J.Crew Alessia peep-toe heels in bright spearmint // J.Crew jewelry

05.15 weds

J.Crew short-sleeve cotton v-neck cardigan // ASOS bow blouse // BCBG flare trousers // Enzo Angiolini peep toe pumps // t&j designs earrings

05.16 thurs

J.Crew scattered dot dress // J.Crew Tilda oxford rhinestone top (buy) // J.Crew super opaque tights // Hunter Champray wedge rain boot

What I Wore (in April)

Playing catch up, as usual!  Here are a few looks, starting where we left off in April (time flies!).  On the plus side, maybe some of the things I’m wearing are now on sale.  🙂

Thanks for reading!

Blondie, Esq.

04.19 fri

J.Crew 1035 jacket in superfine cotton (buy) // Banana Republic short-sleeve plaid dress // Nordstrom back seam stockings in black (buy) // Vince Camuto Kain pumps (buy)

04.20 sat

American Eagle maxi dress // J.Crew cardigan // J.Crew leather belt (similar) // J.Crew sandals // Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses (loving these)

04.21 sun

J.Crew pleated cotton dress // Gap checked scarf // Kate Spade bag // Chanel sunglasses // Cole Haan Air Monica ballet flat (buy) // Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupté Shine in 19 (Fuchsia in Rage) (buy)

04.22 mon 1

J.Crew solid embossed beach dress in bright seaside (find it on eBay!) // Banana Republic cardigan // Guess peep toe bow pumps // Bauble Bar monogram necklace // J.Crew anchor earrings and ring

04.22 mon 2

My awesome shoe guy in San Diego fixed these puppies for me a few years ago – just love them too much to let a few rips get in the way!  And the patches have held up great.  🙂

04.23 Tues

J.Crew black 1035 jacket (buy) and in-box pencil skirt in super 120s // J.Crew floral ruffled top (similar) // J.Crew Joley tortoise peep toes // J.Crew Factory earrings // Oroblu ‘Tricot’ Fishnet Tights (buy)

04.24 weds

Banana Republic pants (similar) // Brooks Brothers striped shirt // J.Crew Jackie cardigan (buy // similar) // J.Crew collection Contessa snakeskin-bow pumps

04.25 thurs 1

J.Crew cashmere tee dress // Nordstrom back seam stockings in light beige (buy) // J.Crew bubble necklace  // Cole Haan Air Monica ballet flat

04.25 thurs 2

Christian Louboutin Love Me pump // J.Crew collection lady four-strand pearl necklace (buy)

04.26 fri

J.Crew french terry popover // J.Crew embellished tank // Old Navy hirise flare jeans // t&j Designs light blue pyramid bracelet


I spent the last week curled up with a kleenex box and my Vick’s Vaporub.  The flu–good times.  (Said no one ever.)  Luckily, my husband is awesome and took great care of me.  He even made some delicious chicken soup.


I’m not quite 100% but feeling much better!  And playing catch up.  Remember last week when I posted a pic of my brand new mint colored dress?  Well I immediately proceeded to spill salad dressing on it.  And then I tried to clean it up.  Two wrongs make it likely that you wrecked your dress.  (Please, please, please work your magic, dry cleaners!)  Luckily I overpacked, and wore this out for drinks, dinner, and lawyer parties.

03.07 Thurs

J.Crew boyfriend cardigan – similar // Banana Republic cap sleeve sheath dress // Christian Louboutin pigalle spikes –buy

03.07 Thurs 1

I had a great time on Thursday, but I felt like absolute death on Friday, and no wonder: I had a 102 fever by the time I got back to SF.  Lame-o.  Here’s what I wore on the way home.

03.08 Fri

J.Crew Factory gray classic wool blazer – buy // J.Crew sequin long-sleeve tee // American Eagle hi rise jegging in dark indigo wash – buy // Kate Spade wedge pumps

After spending two days in bed and two days working from home, I ventured out to work on Wednesday and Thursday.

03.13 weds

J.Crew ruffle leopard tuxedo blouse // J.Crew raw edge cardigan // J.Crew new élan trouser in wool crepe // Butter pumps // J.Crew hand-knotted pearl necklace // Kate Spade Parisian lights Eiffel tower earrings

03.14 thurs

J.Crew navy 1035 jacket (buy) and café trouser (similar) // J.Crew factory classic button up shirt in extravagant green gingham – buy // Guess gold pee-toe platform pumps

Which wore my sick self out, and I was back in quarantine until today, when Dr. Husband cleared me to take a stroll around the neighborhood.  It was so beautiful outside today!

03.17 sun 1

03.17 sun 2

Here’s to good health!  No time to be sick.  And Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


28 Days

Is it me, or did February just fly by?  Sheesh.  Here’s my February, mostly via iPhone and Instagram.  Husband and I saw two good friends get married in San Diego this month, and it was one of the nicest weddings ever.  Ah, l’amour.  ❤  I couldn’t help include a few pictures of the fur kids, too.

Thanks for your patience, friends.  I’m hoping to actually post daily in March!


02.02 sat 1

02.02 sat 2

Zoya Spring 2013 Lovely Collection – buy

02.02 sat 3

02.02 sat 4

02.03 sun 1

02.03 sun 4

02.03 sun 5

My love ❤
02.03 sun 6
J.Crew factory merino turtleneck sweater – buy // J.Crew tissue turtleneck tee – buy // Old Navy camouflage jacket – similar // Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses // J.Crew anchor ring

02.04 Mon

J.Crew bow coat in vibrant fuchsia // J.Crew factory white chambray tunic // J.Crew v-neck tunic sweater // K. Bell Socks fleece lined legging – buy // J.Crew Everly cap toe glitter pump in peacock feather – buy // Lulu Frost for J.Crew crystal and color statement earrings // J.Crew iPhone case – buy

02.05 Tues

J.Crew factory professor blazer in maraschino cherry – buy // J.Crew navy pencil skirt in Super 120s – buy // J.Crew silk boy shirt in french hen // J.Crew Mona patent pumps

02.06 Weds

 J.Crew summit green dream turtleneck sweater // Gap ultra skinny pants – buy // Kate Spade necklace // J.Crew anchor earrings // Enzo Angiolini pink patent Cimino pumps

02.07 Thurs

J.Crew black 1035 jacket (buy) and Gallerist dress in Super 120s // J.Crew Blythe silk blouse – buy // J.Crew lace tights // Kate Spade wedge pumps

02.08 Fri

J.Crew light heather graphite two-button jacket (similar) and pencil skirt (buy) in super 120s // J.Crew cashmere tee (old) – similar // American Eagle shirt (old) // American Eagle hi rise jegging in dark indigo wash – buy // Cole Haan Air Monica ballet flat – buy

02.09 sat 1

J.Crew bow coat in vibrant fuchsia // J.Crew factory printed draped shift dress – buy // J.Crew Factory polka-dot tights // Cole Haan Air Monica ballet flat – buy // J.Crew Factory Whittier purse in collegiate green – buy // Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses

02.09 sat 2

02.09 sat 4

02.09 sat 5

02.10 sun 1

J.Crew bow coat in vibrant fuchsia // J.Crew neon fuchsia cashmere tee dress – buy // J.Crew collection lady four-strand pearl necklace – buy // J.Crew bluebird Martina suede wedges – buy // Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses

02.10 sun 2

Zoya Sooki and
02.11 monJ.Crew shawl-collar cashmere sweater // J.Crew Calista cami – similar // J.Crew light heather graphite Durham pant in super 120s – similar // Zara leather high heel ankle boot // Chanel earrings

02.12 tues 1

J.Crew charcoal gray 1035 jacket (buy) and pencil skirt (buy) in pinstripe Super 120s // J.Crew Blythe blouse (buy) and Jackie shell (buy) in sea glass // ASOS owl necklace // J.Crew backseam tights // J.Crew Mona black leather pumps

02.12 tues 2

Kokkari (my favorite!)

02.13 weds 1

J.Crew Factory navy classic shirt in gingham – buy // J.Crew navy Jackie pullover in stripe – buy // J.Crew pencil skirt in wool crepe // Guess peep-toe bow pumps // Betsey Johnson earrings // Coach pave bow ring

02.13 weds 2

I object!  (Jamaica ~ 1986)

02.14 thurs

J.Crew sequin bow cardigan // Banana Republic tailored non-iron sateen shirt – buy // American Eagle hi rise super skinny jean in dark vintage – buy // Christian Louboutin pigalle spikes –buy

02.15 Fri

J.Crew heather jungle collection cashmere boyfriend cardigan – buy // J.Crew blouse (old) // J.Crew bubble necklace in kelly green – buy // Old Navy blue moon rockstar jeans (old) – buy // Ivanka Trump pony leopard Pinkish platform pump

02.16 sat 1

Giant skillet // Brunch

02.16 sat 2

02.19 tues

J.Crew Factory graffiti green boatneck sweater dress // J.Crew tissue turtleneck tee – buy // J.Crew bee and bug beaded necklaces (old) // J.Crew cream wide cashmere wrap (old) – buy // Hunter fleece welly socks – buy // Hunter Champray wedge rain boot

02.20 weds (1)

J.Crew fuchsia navy collection cashmere polka-dot sweater – buy (on sale!) // J.Crew collection lady four-strand pearl necklace – buy // J.Crew white high-waisted skinny jean  // J.Crew saltwater grey Etta bow pumps – buy //  t+j Designs luxe pave bow ring – buy // Chanel sunglasses

02.20 weds (2)

J.Crew Factory classic trench – buy // Kate Spade bag // Kate Spade newsprint dot iPhone 5 case – buy

02.21 Thurs

J.Crew boyfriend cardigan – similar // J.Crew Jacquard dot popover (old) – similar // J.Crew sleeveless shift dress in stretch wool – buy // J.Crew lace tights (I think?) // J.Crew black Everly suede pump – buy

02.25 Mon

J.Crew Tippi sweater in succulent green – buy // J.Crew perfect-fit tank – buy // Old Navy hirise flare jeans // Guess peep-toe bow pumps (old) // J.Crew Factory paisley printed tissue scarf // J.Crew Factory earrings

02.25 tues

J.Crew cashmere tee dress (old) – buy // J.Crew Blythe blouse in polka dot – buy // Windsor burgundy high-waisted liquid legging – buy // Banana Republic color block pumps

02.26 weds

J.Crew perfect shirt in chambray polka dot // Brooks Brothers non-iron tailored fit shirt – buy // J.Crew ankle-zip mint toothpick jeans // Steven by Steve Madden Ravesh pump – buy

02.27 thurs

Banana Republic gray pinstripe jacket and pencil skirt // The Limited pintuck bow blouse // J.Crew fishnet tights // Kate Spade wedge pumps // Chanel sunglasses


— Brooks Brothers camp shirt (similar here in seersucker!) —  J.Crew favorite tank  — Old Navy hi-rise retro flare jeans — Guess wedge sandals — t+j Designs bangles (herehere, and here) t+j Designs mint jeweled necklace —  Michael Kors chronograph watch — J.Crew Trudy peacoat — Riktor Peeps Libby sunglasses  —

I’m moving, working, packing, wrapping up the MOUNTAIN of adminsitrative stuff I have to do in order to change law firms, and trying not to freak out.  So I went for comfort today, with some fun jewelry and eye shadow to kick it up a notch.

I love mixed metals, so these gold and silver sandals and this bracelet are favorites.  I’ve had the sandals for a few years and I am seriously wearing them to death.  They are perfect with jeans and dresses, and really comfortable, so I often take them traveling to warm weather places.


These sunglasses were another find during the moving process, stoked to have them back!  This shopping my closet thing is working out great so far.  🙂

Whew, back to the melee.  Think happy thoughts…

Blondie, Esq.