Talking Tights

Hello friends!

Today is the unofficial first day of summer, and although it’s been a cold and gloomy May Gray in San Diego, I know that most of you are finally seeing warm weather after the long winter.  So my post might seem ill-timed–unless you work in an air-conditioned office (or courtroom).  I love summer, don’t get me wrong, but it brings added challenges for us professional ladies.  If my legs are bare, I am comfortable outside but freezing in my office (or courtroom).  If I wear tights, I’m more comfortable at work but I encounter a lot of this as soon as I head out for lunch:

side eye

After talking to a few professional women, I discovered that I’m not alone in this fashion struggle {it’s real}.  Luckily, thanks to Belle, I also discovered a perfect solution to the summer side eye: micro-fishnet tights.  I’ve been wearing them for a few years, and although they don’t provide as much coverage as opaque tights {or even old school nylons} they really do help my legs stay a bit warmer.  I love the subtle, chic effect, and the micro-sized pattern is appropriate in a wide variety of work environments, including court.  And while I did occasionally go to work bare legged, I always felt more professional with even that little bit of coverage {especially in court}.

Oroblu makes my favorite fishnets, and here are a few ways I’ve worn them.

Oroblu tricot fishnet tights sable 1

Oroblu tricot fishnet tights sable 3

Oroblu tricot fishnet tights sable 4

Oroblu tricot fishnet tights black

Now comes the best part: they are currently 25% off during the Nordstrom half yearly sale!  I simply adore these tights.  The fishnet pattern is just the right size, they come in both nude and black, and they haven’t lost elasticity over time {and many washes}.  I haven’t had any problem with snagging either.  The nude fishnets are one of my favorite spring and summer accessories; if you haven’t tried them before, now is the perfect time.

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8 thoughts on “Talking Tights

  1. ceeamm says:

    I wore a cashmere turtleneck once in mid February and a couple of people actually asked if I was trying to hide a hickey !

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