Transformation Tuesday: ScarFace Undone

Hello friends!

Last week I shared my personal struggle with adult acne {the good, the bad, and the ugly} and my before and after pictures using the Unblemish line from Rodan + Fields. Thank you so very much for your kind messages in response to my post! I appreciate your support, and I am so, so excited for those of you who are on your way to better skin as a result!  My favorite part of this business is helping people, and I can’t wait to hear how your new products are changing your skin for the better. ❤

This week I wanted to share another transformation: the incredibly brave Danita Clark Able. She wrote about her successful battle with skin cancer and how our Redefine products helped heal her scar tissue after surgery. Her story is absolutely amazing, and you won’t believe the results she achieved! It brought tears to my eyes. Her takeaway? “Your skin will be with you until the end…treat it well.”  Indeed.

This story is especially close to my heart, as my own mother is a cancer survivor. She’s using the Reverse regimen to combat dark spots on her face, the hormonal aftermath of chemo and radiation. I absolutely believe that Rodan + Fields lives up to their promise: changing skin + changing lives.

Thank you so much for reading!


red clay ponderings

This past October 2014, I had surgery on my face. The surgery was to remove skin cancer from beneath the surface of my skin.

September, the month of impending change, is when I learned I had cancer. Before surgery, I had a couple of weeks to think about the alien living below my eyes, beneath my skin. I hated the idea of something foreign living there. Knowing it was caused by too many unprotected days in the sun, I vowed to never again go outside without wearing a good quality sunscreen. I’ve honored the vow.

Below is a photo of the day I learned that yellow fireball had not been my friend.


I had both dreaded and looked forward to surgery. I was not excited about having my faced opened up, but I was anxious to get the show on the road. October, one of my favorite months, ushered in…

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