Transformation Tuesday: My Before + After Pictures!

Hello friends!

Thanks to the magic of photo editing apps and Instagram filters, it’s easy to look like you have perfect skin.  Real women can now achieve the same false perfection that we’ve been ogling in magazines for years.  But real life?  That’s a whole different story.

I’ve written before about my love for full coverage foundations.  And while I do love makeup (and always will!), that love grew out of necessity: I’ve suffered from adult acne for years.  And because my skin is so fair, those pimples don’t fade after a week or two. In fact, before I started using Rodan + Fields, they never faded, no matter what products I tried (including some heavy hitters like La Mer, SK-II, Dr. Dennis Gross, etc.).  I had angry red scars, and inflamed red skin, and the thought of leaving the house without a healthy dose of spackle was inconceivable to me.


And if you don’t think it means what I think it means, here’s a true confession: last year I was working from home when my husband cut his finger on a china bowl while doing dishes.  And I took one minute (I promise!) to put foundation on before we went to get stitches.  I wish I were kidding… But today we’re getting real.  I’ve skipped Facetime calls with my family on lazy makeup-free weekends, and even missed an indoor water park on a family vacation because my skin was being particularly difficult.  It’s really not about vanity; I know that my friends and family love me regardless of what my skin looks like.  But if you suffer from acne, you understand that these insecurities run deep.

When it comes to skincare results, a picture is worth a thousand words.  Rodan + Fields even offers a free regimen if you post your before and after pictures to the corporate website.  When I first started using the products, I dutifully took my before pictures with absolutely no intention whatsoever under any circumstance of showing them to anyone {see above}.  And then I took my 60 day pictures.  Here they are, back to back with no filter, no editing, and no makeup:

adult acne before and after unblemish rodan and fields

Skincare is a journey, and I still suffer from the occasional stress/hormone/life induced breakout. But for the first time in six years, my acne scars are fading.  My skin is calm, soft, and smooth.  And when I don’t wear makeup on the weekends, I feel comfortable in my own skin.  That feeling is priceless, my friends!!  I’m amazed by the results I’ve achieved so far and can’t wait to see how my face looks in another 60 days!

{In case you’re wondering, I use a combination of Unblemish and Redefine products to combat acne and the effects of aging.  My skin is dry, so I use both the Redefine lotions, and I am madly in love with the night renewing serum.  The gentle retinol formula not only helps improve skin texture, firmness, and wrinkles, but aids in the acne fight.  I also use our eye cream.}

I’m sharing this picture today for a few reasons.  First and foremost, I want everyone who has suffered with adult acne to know that there is hope!!  Of course not every product line works for everyone.  {I tried Proactiv as a teenager and it did play nicely with my dry skin.}  But with a 60 day money back guarantee, there’s really nothing to lose.  And even if you choose to purchase at retail prices, most regimens will cost less per day than one grande latte from Starbucks.*   Second, you will only hear about Rodan + Fields through independent consultants like me.  They don’t advertise, and there aren’t any infomercials.  Similarly, you can only buy the products from independent consultants.  The doctors made an unprecedented move from brick and mortar stores to partner with entrepreneurs who want more from life than the 9 to 5  (or 9 to 9…) grind.

Thank you for reading and please do not hesitate to contact me if you would like to get started on your journey to the best skin of your life!  It would be an honor to help you.


* I calculated the retail price per day by dividing the cost of the regimen by the 60 day supply (e.g., $171.00 / 60 = $2.85).  If you decide to become a Preferred Customer, it’s even less.


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