Belated Hawaii Pics

Here are some long overdue pictures from our vacation to Maui during the first week of June.  Although it wasn’t the most relaxing trip we’ve had due to a number of factors, we were happy to get away and spend some quality time together.  It was my first time to Hawaii and husband’s first trip in years.  The resort was beautiful (thanks again, Westin!), as was the weather.  The food, however, was a big let down…  But to be fair, I think we have slightly ridiculous expectations after living in SF for the past year and a half (aka food paradise).  I still prefer the Caribbean, but this place is on the top of our wish list.

I spent most of the trip in a swimsuit with my kindle and some SPF 6 zillion, but I did snap a few outfits.  And waaaaay too many sunset pictures.  I’ll only subject you to a few.  😉

Hope you all had a bit of vacation this summer.  As always, thank you so much for reading!

Blondie, Esq.

2013.06.01 a plane

Wheels up!

2013.06.01 made it

We finally made it!  Nothing to do but enjoy the beautiful weather.  ❤
~ Old Navy maxi tee dress (buy) ~ Chanel sunglasses ~

2013.06.02 dress

~ J.Crew Piqué v-neck ruffle dress in tea rose ~ Guess platform sandals ~
~ Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses ~

2013.06.02 view

The view from our patio

2013.06.03 capitan

Snapping the snapper on a sunset sail

2013.06.03 ocean

2013.06.03 sunset mas

2013.06.04 big beach

~ J.Crew dress ~ Chanel sunglasses ~ Ocean Minded sandals~

2013.06.05 iao valley 1.5 who you callin chicken

Chasing chickens

2013.06.05 iao valley 1

Iao Valley State Park

2013.06.05 iao valley 2

2013.06.05 iao valley 3

Kanaloa is happy to see us 😉
(couldn’t resist…)

2013.06.05 iao valley don't take my picture

He loves being on this side of the camera.

2013.06.06 cheeeese

~ J.Crew Whisper gauze beach tunic in sea glass (buy) ~
~ Marc by Marc Jacobs Sunglasses~

2013.06.06 sofia

Sunset with Sofia!
~ J.Crew Spindrift sweatshirt in light emerald ~ J.Crew dizzy anchor dress ~
~ Marc by Marc Jacobs Sunglasses ~

2013.06.06 sunset

2013.06.07 a dress

~ Gap Printed crossover maxi dress in yellow print ~ J.Crew belt ~ Chanel sunglasses~

2013.06.07 aloha dinner

Aloha dinner (sniff, sniff)

2013.06.07 bird

Luckiest shot ever!

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