Rain Gear

The Husband and I finally found our way over to the Presidio for Off the Grid on Sunday.  Sadly, we did so when it was about 55 degrees and misting from all directions.  Although this made eating a bit more difficult, the food was un-be-liev-able and there were no lines at all.  We tried a bunch of yummy things from four different places and cannot wait to go back!  One of the many things we love about living in San Francisco.

Screen Shot 2013-06-27 at 5.01.47 PM

Shamelessly stolen from my husband’s Instagram

After we stuffed ourselves full with all the things, we walked over to the National Cemetery.  My grandmother used to force me to walk through cemeteries with her when I was little, and while it freaked me out a lot back then, I always appreciated the history and serenity.  This is a particularly moving place.  We saw some veterans’ headstones from the 1800s, and some of the poor kids weren’t even 18 years old when they died.  Very sobering.  I’m grateful for all of the veterans’ sacrifice but continue to hope for the day when their services are no longer needed.

Blondie, Esq.

2013.06.23 Sun 1

J.Crew Trudy peacoat // J.Crew featherweight french terry sweatshirt in heather marine // Old Navy men’s oxford shirt (buy) // American Eagle hi rise super skinny jean in dark vintage (buy) // J.Crew umbrella // Kamik houndstooth rain boots // Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses (similar)

2013.06.23 Sun 2


2013.06.23 Sun 3

2013.06.23 Sun 4

I am such a dork…

2013.06.23 Sun 5

2013.06.23 Sun 7

On the lookout for zombies…

2013.06.23 Sun 8


6 thoughts on “Rain Gear

  1. The GSB says:

    Oh my goodness I’ve been in a crazy work and training and home improvement vacuum the last couple of months and have just spent my lunch break playing catch up on your fabulous posts! So many pretty outfits — glad to see the Trudy coat make its triumphant return 🙂 Hope your summer is going well, Ms. Esq!

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