Spring Beauty

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I often try new products based on blog recommendations, so I thought it might be fun to post some of my favorite beauty products of late. I have fair, sensitive skin, which means I’m always searching for the perfect foundation, lotion, and–of course–sunscreen. Here are some of the products I’ve been using lately.

Blondie, Esq. ❤

Spring Beauty 1

Spring Beauty 2

5 thoughts on “Spring Beauty

  1. The GSB says:

    Ummm I’ll take one of each? Haha, very nice picks! I LOVE the Fresh Hesperides line, and I buy the set for at least one person once a year (everyone loves it too–grapefruit is one of the most inoffensively refreshing scents ever, it seems!), and spray my entire house with it every weekend after I’m done cleaning! Ditto for Tocca — I’m not into their headier offerings, but most of their scents (including Florence) are awesome! BTW you might want to check out Fresh’s Citron de Vigne if you’re into crisp citrus bath/frag stuff — it’s really great!

    How do you like the Bobbi Brown foundation? Also, would you say that La Mer is worth the $$$? I recently rediscovered my love of Ponds — my husband and I were going away for a few days and I didn’t want to pack a pricy face cream with me, so I bought a travel size of Ponds for like $1.50 at Tarjay and now I can’t stop using it! I’ve heard great things about La Mer and La Prairie and Kiehl’s but have yet to try them as I’m pretty set in my routine, but I’m always looking for new recos! 🙂

    I’d been wanting to do a bunch of product review posts as a lot of people have been asking me for hair and makeup input, so now you have officially inspired me!

    • Blondie, Esq. says:

      I love the BB foundation – first one that I don’t have to add white to in order to make it pale enough for my fair skin! It wears really well too. I have the Skin Foundation, which I like for weekends, but it doesn’t last quite as long as this one. This is one of my most favorite beauty finds! Ditto with the Nars concealer. I wear both in the lightest shades.

      And yes – for my dry, sensitive skin, La Mer is worth its weight in gold!! I cannot say enough about this line. They call it miracle broth, and they aren’t kidding. I wear the soft cream during the day and the regular cream at night. It makes my skin look younger, feel softer, and if I go to bed with new pimple, it’s gone in the morning. I’m a product junkie and every time I use something else because I can’t resist, I regret it. (For example, I tried the Tatcha skin care line and ended up with horrible acne scars that I’ve been trying to remove for almost a year. 😦 ) I think I started using La Mer when I was 28 or 29, can’t remember exactly. It’s the one product I buy over and over, no matter what.

      Looking forward to seeing your product reviews!

      • Blondie, Esq. says:

        And yes – I adore the whole Hesperides line! I love the perfume too but it just doesn’t last very long. 😦 I went in the store last week and smelled everything. Heaven.

        • The GSB says:

          Awesome, thanks for the info, all that is good to know! I’ve always heard that BB’s products are superior in quality, but my loyalty to Lorac is a bond that cannot be broken, haha! Friends always tell me to check out her stuff, so I might just have to. I used to be all about liquid foundation when I was younger, and then I switched to Bare Minerals …unfortunately that stuff gets on EVERYTHING, and although it wears nicely, it seems like one pot of foundation lasts me a month. Maybe I need to use the stuff less liberally? In any case, I’ve been thinking about going back to liquid or tinted moisturizer (broke out my Laura Mercier today, it’s so good!) so I’ll check out the BB next time I’m at the makeup counter.

          Now I’m intrigued by this La Mer business! I know that 27-29 is the age that most women start taking preventative skin care seriously, and even though I have a basic routine, it probably needs a serious jump start. When I run out of my current cream, I will definitely consider the upgrade!

          Lastly, so sad and true about the lack of staying power of Hesperides… I think Citron de Vigne lasts a bit longer, but alas, citrus notes tend to evaporate very quickly regardless of the formula–they’re usually the top notes in frags and only stick around for an hour at most. Only thing that seems to last is YSL’s In Love Again (grapefruity summer fragrance that I’m about to break out in a couple of weeks…). Ahh I could talk about perfumes all day! 🙂

          • Blondie, Esq. says:

            I never had to wear foundation until the last five years or so. Bare minerals are too dry for me, along with nearly every foundation. I would try the Skin foundation – really light coverage and it feels great on your skin. Another good one for you might be YSL’s Touche Eclat foundation. It’s such a beautiful finish but a little too dark for me, so I have to mix it with white. (Vampirism is annoying!) 🙂

            I would go in and get a sample first – I’m sure they will give you one! If you don’t have dry skin, the full on cream might be too heavy for you. It’s an investment but worth it.

            I love grapefruit!! Is the In Love Again an older fragrance? I couldn’t find it anywhere online.

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