I spent the last week curled up with a kleenex box and my Vick’s Vaporub.  The flu–good times.  (Said no one ever.)  Luckily, my husband is awesome and took great care of me.  He even made some delicious chicken soup.


I’m not quite 100% but feeling much better!  And playing catch up.  Remember last week when I posted a pic of my brand new mint colored dress?  Well I immediately proceeded to spill salad dressing on it.  And then I tried to clean it up.  Two wrongs make it likely that you wrecked your dress.  (Please, please, please work your magic, dry cleaners!)  Luckily I overpacked, and wore this out for drinks, dinner, and lawyer parties.

03.07 Thurs

J.Crew boyfriend cardigan – similar // Banana Republic cap sleeve sheath dress // Christian Louboutin pigalle spikes –buy

03.07 Thurs 1

I had a great time on Thursday, but I felt like absolute death on Friday, and no wonder: I had a 102 fever by the time I got back to SF.  Lame-o.  Here’s what I wore on the way home.

03.08 Fri

J.Crew Factory gray classic wool blazer – buy // J.Crew sequin long-sleeve tee // American Eagle hi rise jegging in dark indigo wash – buy // Kate Spade wedge pumps

After spending two days in bed and two days working from home, I ventured out to work on Wednesday and Thursday.

03.13 weds

J.Crew ruffle leopard tuxedo blouse // J.Crew raw edge cardigan // J.Crew new élan trouser in wool crepe // Butter pumps // J.Crew hand-knotted pearl necklace // Kate Spade Parisian lights Eiffel tower earrings

03.14 thurs

J.Crew navy 1035 jacket (buy) and café trouser (similar) // J.Crew factory classic button up shirt in extravagant green gingham – buy // Guess gold pee-toe platform pumps

Which wore my sick self out, and I was back in quarantine until today, when Dr. Husband cleared me to take a stroll around the neighborhood.  It was so beautiful outside today!

03.17 sun 1

03.17 sun 2

Here’s to good health!  No time to be sick.  And Happy St. Patrick’s Day!



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