Skinny jeans

You know that pair of jeans buried in the back of your dresser or closet that don’t fit anymore but you can’t bear to get rid of just in case you might be able to wear them again?  The elusive “skinny jean.”  (Side note–this reminds me of my absolute favorite Sex and the City episode when Miranda fits into her skinny jeans again post Brady: The Post-It Always Sticks Twice.)  Well, my friends, today was that day!  For those who don’t know, I started a diet in January.  My birthday in December was sort of a come to jesus moment; I finally stopped being in denial about the changes to my body and metabolism that accompanied my 30s and decided to do something about it.  Thanks to My Fitness Pal and a certain lovely young lady in Colorado, I’ve been able to stick to the plan for two months now and have lost over five pounds.  I still want to lose another five but I’m feeling great so far– in fact, I’m feeling comfortable in my own skin for the first time since I turned 30!  SUCH A GOOD FEELING.

Pardon the shouting, but this is serious.  🙂

I’m writing this for two reasons.  First, because I had no idea my body was going to change so much when I turned 30, so this is a PSA for any of you 20 somethings who may be reading.  Don’t get me wrong – there are many, many things I adore about being 33.  But I had no idea that the shape of my body was going to change, let alone my metabolism.  It happens.  But maybe y’all can get ahead of it now, or at least you won’t be as shocked as I was.  And second, because it really is possible to make simple changes to your diet and lose weight.  Although one of my new year’s goals was to do yoga, I still haven’t done it.  Husband and I are trying to get out and explore the neighborhood more, but for the most part my weight loss is 100% attributable to changes in diet.  I still have “cheat days,” and don’t always eat as healthy as I’d like, but I choose less calories over a glass of wine almost every night these days.  (See also: who am I?!?)  😉

Here are my skinny jeans in action:


J.Crew Factory navy classic wool blazer – buy // Super old fair isle sweater (seriously, I think it’s from college!) – similar // Banana Republic tailored non-iron sateen shirt – buy // J.Crew bootcut jeans – similar // J.Crew Lulu leather peep toes in honey glaze // J.Crew pavé heart earrings and ring

Thanks so much for reading!



8 thoughts on “Skinny jeans

  1. Collette says:

    You have such a great way of mixing things up and always looking like you have brand new things. Brilliant.
    My favorites are pairing things with the simple button down shirts. You have totally inspired me to bring them out of the closet and layer them. Last count I had six
    of them. Plus the occasional BF shirt 🙂 Keep it up!

    • Blondie, Esq. says:

      Thank you so much!! You have no idea how much this means to me, because I try really hard not to repeat things! It makes getting dressed a bit more challenging but it forces me to be creative and get more use out of my closet. And I have a ton of white button ups too! Totally agree – they go with everything. Thanks so much for commenting and happy closet mixing! xoxo.

  2. The GSB says:

    Woohooo — congrats on (1) making the effort to be healthier, (2) sticking to a good plan, (3) seeing it pay off, and (4) fitting into those skinny jeans! I’ve also been on a new diet since January…it’s not really a diet as much as it is a lifestyle change (I did a post about it a couple of months ago…still loving it!) and it’s been easy to stick with, even 7 days a week. It’s definitely smart to take charge of the metabolism and make good choices about diet and exercise (even walking around town more or envisioning hitting up a yoga class is better than just idly watching TV!), and once you stick with it for a while, being healthier becomes almost second-nature! Good luck with reaching the rest of your goals, I’m sure you’ll get there in no time! 🙂

    • Blondie, Esq. says:

      Thank you my lovely friend! I remember that post of yours and bought the book immediately after reading, although I have not read it yet. Have you noticed positive changes since adjusting to the new schedule?

      • The GSB says:

        Yes, definitely! The positive changes are quite significant! I’m less tired, more focused, have a much better sense of my appetite, look at food as 80% nourishment and 20% enjoyment (aka I eat a LOT. of egg whites and produce during the week, haha), and I’ve lost about 8 lbs so far! The feeding window is easy to manage once you get used to it, though sometimes it’s hard to abstain from brunchy food until after noon on weekends. All in all I love it!

        • Blondie, Esq. says:

          That’s awesome!! I need more egg whites in my life! And I find that often I do eat in an 8 hour window, unintentionally, because I’m just not a breakfast person. Definitely going to read the book. 🙂

  3. SS says:

    It’s tough whenever you realize your body is changing and need to figure out how to adapt – especially when so much of it is sometimes completely out of your control! Good job taking charge of your weight and metabolism changes. You should feel wonderfully accomplished already. Self awareness is half the battle, and actually following through to make change is something you should be really proud of!

    • Blondie, Esq. says:

      Thank you so much for the encouraging words! It’s really the first time in my life that I’ve stuck to a real life change, and you’re so right – making the change feels (almost) as good as the results. 🙂

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