No More Lilies

March 2nd: the day I begin blogging on a regular basis (again).  Which means this post is going to be a grab bag of random thoughts and pictures.  And a cautionary tale for pet owners.

First, a few random pictures from Instagram.

photo 2

Was she the cutest kitten ever or what?

photo 1

This view never gets old.

photo 4

Yummy dinner at Castagna.  ❤

photo 5

Second, here’s what I wore yesterday.

photo 3

J.Crew argyle cashmere cardigan // J.Crew ruffled shell // American Eagle hi rise super skinny jean in dark vintage – buy // J.Crew silver Everly mirror metallic pump – buy // J.Crew collection twisted triple-strand pearl bracelet – buy

Third, did you know that lilies are highly, highly, highly toxic for cats?  Yeah, me neither.  They also happen to be my favorite flowers.  I was having a stressful work day last week and my sweet husband ran out and bought me some lilies to cheer me up.  Things were going fine until I stupidly left them on the coffee table last Saturday.  And of course our naughty boy cat helped himself to quite a few leaves.  He threw up most of what he ate but nonetheless earned himself a weekend stay at the emergency vet.  😦


He looks pretty pathetic, but one week and $2K+ later he’s doing great, and goes in for his follow up appointment tomorrow.  We’ve pretty much decided never to buy any plants or flowers again.  He can’t resist and we can’t afford to take any more chances!  Sheesh.

Thanks for visiting, friends!  Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.



6 thoughts on “No More Lilies

  1. The GSB says:

    Ahh your poor (adorable!) kitty! Sometimes you find out about these allergies the hard way — now that we have our big fur beast, I am vigilant about every plant and piece of food I leave around the house because our dog is like a child (and a hoover vacuum)! 🙂 Glad your cat is ok now!

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