<J.Crew black Emmaleigh dress in Super 120s (old) – buy> <J.Crew tissue turtleneck tee (old) – buy> <Hunter Champray wedge rain boot – buy> <Niemen Marcus Amicale cashmere wrap – buy> <t+j Designs earrings> <Kate Spade skinny mini long bow necklace – buy> <Coach pave bow ring>

It rained all night last night and I couldn’t wait to wear my new rainboots!  Of course, it stopped raining during my commute this morning, but I’m warm and toasty in my boots anyway, just in case.  Oh and I snagged this super soft and warm wrap from Last Call — it’s currently on super sale!  I highly recommend, the cashmere is sooooo soft.

And it’s supposed to rain all week, so get ready to see lots of warm layers and rain boots.  Speaking of which, I need some advice: do you wellie-wearing ladies wear your boots all day, or do you bring shoes to change into?  I only wore them a few times in San Diego and always kept them on all day.

Happy Monday!



3 thoughts on “Cashmiracle

  1. The GSB says:

    Love this outfit (and post title…cashmere is always a miracle!) I’ve had an eye on those wedge Hunters — how do you like them? I just picked up another pair of classic Hunters the other day (in aubergine, OBVI) and can’t wait to rock them with the fleece liners once it gets super cold out!

    I wear my rain boots all day unless I have meetings/closings, in which case I stash my boots away under my desk and change into heels. Hunters are so comfortable that you never want to take them off! 🙂

    • Blondie, Esq. says:

      I love them!! They are a little big but I think that will be good for days when I need fleece liners and warm socks. The wedges are so comfy, and I love having the added height. I’m starting to wear flats on the weekends but I’m such a heel girl, haven’t worn flats to the office yet.

      And I need to break down and bring a pair of shoes to live at the office. I can’t imagine them not being at home, though, so I think I need to buy an office pair…

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