Summer Lovin

<J.Crew striped silk bow cami> <J.Crew high-waisted skinny jean in Adore Me wash> <Wallace for J.Crew boyfriend cardigan> <J.Crew Joley tortoise peep toes> <t+j Designs earrings>

I had to visit a client in East Bay today, which was about 15 degrees warmer than the City.  This outfit was perfect for the weather there, but not so much when I came back to work.  Brrr!  Either way, it was nice to have a day in jeans after a week of suits!

Happy Friday, y’all!



8 thoughts on “Summer Lovin

  1. The GSB says:

    Love the casual Friday outfit 🙂 I was debating whether or not to order those jeans online–they just looked so comfy and I don’t really have any denim in that nice medium wash. Would you say these fit like their usual pants or a little looser?

    • Blondie, Esq. says:

      Thanks you! I really do like these jeans. They fit true to size for J.Crew, but the high waist sits at kind of an awkward position, so if I don’t wear a camisole or something tucked in, the jeans rub uncomfortably on my belly button. There’s not a ton of stretch in them either, which I like. They keep their shape!

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