Mrs. Suit

I worked from home on Wednesday but had to attend an event that night.  My ride showed up 20 minutes early, so I got dressed in about two minutes and ended up wearing another Emmaleigh dress (can you tell this is one of my favorite styles from J.Crew?).  Thursday was another day of meetings, aka another J.Crew suit.

<J.Crew navy Emmaleigh dress in pinstripe super 120s> <J.Crew navy three-button jacket in pinstripe super 120s (similar here)> <J.Crew backseam polkadot tights> <Stuart Weitzman Platswoon pumps> <Banana Republic scarf> <Chanel earrings>

Isn’t this oversized barrette awesome?  I have the green one too.  (Buy here.)  I swear my tights and shoes are straight, but apparently my posture was not.

< J.Crew gray two-button jacket in super 120s (similar here)> <J.Crew gray pencil skirt in Super 120s> <J.Crew Blythe silk blouse in byzantine blue> <J.Crew Factory polka-dot tights> <Cole Haan pumps>

After three days of looking very lawyery, I went ultra casual on Friday.  Stay tuned!



2 thoughts on “Mrs. Suit

  1. The GSB says:

    OK you know I’m obviously a fan of the fabulous suiting but your hair looks amazing!! I’ve seen that oversized clip before and was like “this is so cute…but what could I possibly do with it?” Now I might have to grab one in green and try a French twist…Major kudos for mixing Corporate Chic with Crayola Cool! 🙂 Also the triple bun is adorable — did you come up with that yourself or did you see it somewhere?

    • Blondie, Esq. says:

      Thank you!! You are so sweet. 🙂 I saw the triple bun thing somewhere online but I can’t remember where. I think it was a link from someone else’s blog? It was super easy: three little buns and three bobby pins.

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