Not a Hipster

<J.Crew classic merino long cardigan> <J.Crew Jacquard dot popover (now in naples blue)> <J.Crew denim short (similar here)> <Ava Rose Mini Clambake> <Gap leopard bow ballet flats> <riktor peeps Libby sunglasses>

I went to a BBQ yesterday for a friend who I’ve known since kindergarten.  We reconnected at our ten year highschool reunion–so glad I went!  We had a lovely time, although I was freezing by the time we left (see also why I rarely wear shorts).  Husband and I learned how to play flip cup.  In our 30s.  (Yes, we are that cool.)  Aside from my friend who wore a fabulous purple and red maxi dress, I was the only one there out of the hipster uniform of all black, spikes, and tattoos.  Not a surprise to you, my dear readers, but it did crack me up!

Tonight we’re having dinner with some of my friends from law school whom I haven’t seen in ages.  Can’t wait!  Husband and I are quite the social butterflies this holiday weekend. 😉

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