July was a rough month.  My grandmother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer the last week in June.  Two weeks later she checked into the hospital for pain management, and two weeks after that–one week ago today–she left us.  It was incredibly quick, as often is the case with pancreatic cancer.  As you know, husband and I had a vacation scheduled for mid-June.  We struggled with the decision to go, but my grandma and other family members insisted.  No one could have predicted she would go downhill so quickly, but luckily we made it back in time to say goodbye.  I do wish we had more time together, but such is life.  My grandmother was a remarkable woman who lived about ten lives.  When we visited her in the hospital, she said if she had a bucket list it would not have one thing left to do.  Talk about inspiration!  I’m sad, of course, but very grateful that we stayed up talking until 4:00 am when I stayed with her a few years ago, that she got to come to my law school graduation, and that she got to meet my amazing husband.  Life is short but sweet for certain!

Whew, thanks.  Now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, here’s what I wore last week.

— J.Crew printed skirt (seen here) — Brooks Brothers non-iron shirt (seen here) — Banana Republic trench — Kate Spade wedge pumps — Marc by Marc Jacobs sunglasses — Coach pave bow ring — Chanel earrings — Tiffany bow pendant —

— J.Crew sequin long-sleeve tee — Old Navy hi-rise flare jeans —

— J.Crew soft graphite nouvelle jacket (similar) and pant (similar here) in superfine cotton — J.Crew floral blouse (seen here) — Nine West platform sandals (seen here) —

— J.Crew cotton dress (seen here) — J.Crew ruffled cardigan (old) — Butter pumps (seen here) — Kiel James Patrick Bracelet —  t+j Designs green crystal ring —

— J.Crew navy pinstripe three-button jacket (similar here) and pencil skirt — Brooks Brothers double stripe non-iron shirt (similar here, seen here) — Kate Spade wedge pumps —

Thanks so much for reading.  I appreciate your comments and support more than I can say!  Here’s to a fabulous August.



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