— Old Navy polka dot sweater (cute short-sleeved version here) — Brooks Brothers three-quarter gingham with stripes shirt — Old Navy white hi-rise retro flare jeans — Enzo Angiolini wedges — Kiel James Patrick bracelet (seen here, similar here) — Chanel earrings —


I bought this sweater during my blog hiatus (aka, trial) after seeing it on these lovely ladies (here and here).  I wore it a few times but apparently I didn’t take any pictures, because I couldn’t find any posts to link!  Ditto for these jeans (although I have them in a few other washes: here, here, and here).  I love everything about these jeans: soft and stretchy but not too stretchy, super flare bottoms, and (relatively) high rise.

On a non-fashion note, my four-month long computer issues culminated yesterday in a complete erase and reinstall of my MacBook Air.  😦  I feel completely drained today; it’s amazing how much we depend on technology and how devastating it can be when it fails.  (Thank goodness for blue eye makeup, the ultimate make-yourself-look-awake trick!)

I’m slowly getting things loaded back and hoping to minimize the things that can’t be fixed or replicated.  First world problems, I know, but traumatic nonetheless!

I’m very much looking forward to our vacation (18 days!).  I need a break.



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