An apple a day

— Old Navy cropped jacket — J.Crew blouse — J.Crew fireball necklace — J.Crew high-waisted skinny jean — J.Crew Mona print pumps (sadly mine are sold out but check the cute navy ones with anchors!) —


It was love at first sight with these shoes, plus I got them on sale!  It was meant to be, right?? 🙂  There’s something so cheerful about a fruit print.  I had a pair of platform sandals with cherries on them in high school that I loved to death (and wish I hadn’t gotten rid of), and so these are a bit nostalgic as well.

It’s supposed to be gorgeous this weekend and we have plans to go to a BBQ and pool party with some of my fabulous co-counsel from my trial in January.  I’m not really excited about the swimsuit part (I mean, who is?) but it’s supposed to be 80 degrees and sunny–hallelujah!  Any fun weekend plans?

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