On the go

I didn’t take very many pictures from my business trip to Japan.  Our hotel rooms were tiny and not great for photos, and I completely forgot to take a pic on our day off.  We decided to use carry-on luggage only, so I brought one suit jacket with a dress and a skirt.  It worked out great, except that it was about 80 degrees and 180% humidity, so I just about melted in my wool suit… Super 120s may be perfect for San Francisco summers but I will definitely go for something lighter on my next trip overseas!

Anyhoo, here’s what I wore on the way to Japan:

— ASOS maxi dress (seen here) — J.Crew slouchy dolman-sleeve sweatshirt (seen here) — J.Crew factory patent bow ballet flats — Marc by March Jacobs sunglasses — Express pin (really old) —

I brought long, warm socks for the flight and was so comfy!  I’m glad I wore a dress–can’t imagine being constricted in jeans or pants for a 12+ hour flight.

And here’s a pic of me being silly at dinner after a long (hot) day of meetings.

— J.Crew charcoal 1035 jacket and keynote dress in super 120s (seen here) — J.Crew pearl necklace (on sale) — Michael Kors chronograph watch —

And a few pictures from Kyoto.  We walked seven miles and saw a ton of shrines and temples.  It is one of the most peaceful places I have ever been, the pictures really don’t do it justice!

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