Lookin Lawyery

Forgot to take pictures this morning, so you are all getting formally introduced to my new work bathroom mirror!

— J.Crew pinstripe jacket and pencil skirt — Brooks Brothers non-iron tailored fit dress shirtStuart Weitzman Platswoon pumps — J.Crew hand-knotted pearl necklace –

We had a hearing this morning and it’s been a crazy day ever since!  I love wearing suits to work almost every day, I feel like a “real” lawyer.  This is an old favorite (I love the teal stripes) but the skirt is a liddlebit too tight.  I blame all the amazing restaurants that are walking distance from our apartment.  Oh, and I still haven’t mastered the weather up here; it was warm this morning but in the shade, brrrrrrrrr!  I must get in the habit of bringing a coat everywhere.

Happy Wednesday!


PS – It’s a key I’m holding, not a cigarette!  Ha.


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