Two outfits on this post, but first some commentary.  We are moving to San Francisco this weekend, which means frantic packing in order to downsize from a two bedroom/two bathroom apartment to a one/one.  I went through my closet and it was quite sobering; I’m giving away tons of clothes and shoes, some barely worn and some new with tags on.  While I’ve become much more conscious of spending, especially since I got married, the process has made me recommit to only buying things I love.  Period.

I thought about trying to sell things on eBay but there’s just not time, and I need a fresh start.  So on Friday the AmVets driver comes to take an enormous pile of clothes and shoes, plus books, furniture, etc.  It makes me feel really good.  (Especially since I got to see my dear friend Ms. EWL one last time in the process!)

On to the task at hand.  Here’s what I wore yesterday:

— J.Crew linen v-neck cable-knit sweater (similar here) — J.Crew perfect-fit tank — Old Navy hi-rise retro flare jeans (seen here) — t+j Designs charmed key crystal necklacet+j Designs lucky star rose gold necklace — Aldo wedge sandals — Kate Spade bag —

I found these sandals in a box that has been packed for 15 months…since our last apartment!  Shopping the closet to the max.  🙂 These two necklaces are from my favorite designers/sisters, t+j Designs.  What can I say, love them!  They make affordable jewelry that looks expensive and adds the perfect touch to an outfit.  The key necklace is especially sparkly.

And here’s what I wore today:

— J.Crew swiss-dot Melody dress in tea rose (seen here) — Wallace for J.Crew boyfriend cardigan (seen here) — J.Crew Mona patent pumpsBauble Bar monogram necklace

A few of my favorite co-workers organized a lunch for me today with many of the litigation associates at my firm.  It was, in a word, lovely.  I felt very special that all of these people would give their time–a serious precious commodity in the legal field–to have lunch with me before I leave.  It set the tone for the day and made me very, very grateful for all the wonderful people I’ve met during my years in San Diego.  Ms. E, you know who you are, thanks again.  And you better come visit soon!  I’ll work on getting some Giants tickets to tempt the mister.  😉

T-three days and counting until moving day.  Deep breaths…

Blondie, Esq.


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