J.Crew Talitha blouse in vintage berry
J.Crew Mona patent pumps in warm bisque
J.Crew Factory destroyed vintage matchstick jeans
J.Crew Trudy peacoat
Banana Republic necklace
t+j Designs silver sparkly ring

The lovely Ms. E-L-W (how cute is her blouse??) and I had a long overdue brunch date today (we went here and it was delish!).  I am loving my new jeans and the Trudy peacoat, although the middle button fell off the jacket today!  This is a huge bummer because: a) it’s the second time I wore it, b) it’s the first time I buttoned it, and c) I don’t sew.   Unfortunately (fortunately?) I have to take my entire work wardrobe to the cleaners because the movers dumped my wardrobe box upside down on its way back to SD and everything ended up hopelessly crumpled at the bottom of the box.  😦  Hello $500 dry cleaning bill… not looking forward to it.  But I guess I can add this to the pile to get fixed.  The lighting in my house is awful, as seen in the below two attempts to capture the colors in my outfit.  The second is closer but of course the pictures on J.Crew will be more accurate!  (see links, above)


Husband and I are going to see Hunger Games in two hours… so excited!!  I hope everyone had a lovely weekend!

Blondie, Esq.


6 thoughts on “Sunday

  1. SEL says:

    I love the yellow peacoat. Each individually are faves of mine, but combined? Beautiful!

    I have a very similar peacoat in green. 🙂

    Boo for a button falling off! I have an insanely expensive creme colored peacoat from Banana Republic. By the third time I wore it, three out of five buttons had fallen off!! Yet my old navy peacoat that cost a fraction of the price? Totally in tact. I learned the hard way that high price does not equal quality.

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