Casual Friday is Back

J.Crew rumpled french terry cardigan (seen here)
J.Crew Calista cami (similar here)
J.Crew belt (cute calf-hair belt here)
Gap high-waisted flare jeans (seen here)
t+j Designs white drop stone earrings (seen here)
Michael Kors chronograph watch

It was a gloomy morning so I reached for comfortable and warm clothes.  I haven’t had a true casual Friday since December or so; Fridays for the last few months have either been spent traveling or working from my “home” office in San Francisco.  It’s nice to be in the office all warm and cozy!  This is sort of a remix outfit: same cardigan, different belt, jeans, and ruffled blouse (yep… I have quite a few of these… Hello, my name is Blondie, Esq. and I am a ruffle-aholic).

I also followed this tutorial from pixiwoo to do a Marilyn-esque look today.  I tamed it down a bit for work, and the lighting isn’t great, but I think the general look is there.  Soooooo happy to get my red lipstick back!

We have lots of plans this weekend, which is quite unusual!  Two parties on Saturday, brunch on Sunday (long overdue date with the lovely e-l-w!), and Hunger Games on Sunday night!!  I’m really excited.  I was leery about the movie for a long time but the early reviews are looking good.  Plus we are seeing the movie here–how fabulous does this look??  Cannot wait.

Any big plans for you this weekend?  As always, thanks for reading!

Blondie, Esq.


5 thoughts on “Casual Friday is Back

  1. Angela says:

    Cute! I’ve decided to have casual Friday almost every day. If I don’t have client meetings scheduled then I wear jeans. I hate this in-between season where it’s not warm enough for dresses but I don’t want to wear tights or wool dress pants so I’ve just decided to wear jeans as much as I can. I’m a rebel attorney.

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