I’m back!

And in head-to-toe J.Crew.

Dream turtleneck sweatersuper 120s pencil skirt, polka-dot tights (seen here), Trixie heels in warm ivory (seen here), statement necklace (seen here) – J.Crew

After a nearly two month hiatus, I am finally back in business!  I bought this mirror for my SF apartment before I realized I don’t have a screwdriver, so my “stand” is a suitcase.  🙂 I’ve really, really missed blogging.  Hope that there are many more posts to come!  My court outfits are really conservative so on days like today, when we just have meetings, I take advantage of being myself!  Fun tights and shoes and jewelry.  It’s nice to be back in more ways than one…

I apologize if I haven’t commented and/or read your blogs lately… I have 600+ unread blogs in Google Reader!  Been working 24/7 but I promise I will try to catch up soon.  Thanks for your patience.  🙂

Blondie, Esq.

PS – reading this post, coupled with the fact that I haven’t been home in 3 weeks, really makes me miss my closet (husband and fur-children aside, of course!).  I haven’t been wearing nail polish in court so my nails are a wreck – broken and dry and in horrible shape.  And I’ve been rotating the same few pairs of black shoes for weeks – so not a Blondie, Esq. thing to do!  As much as I’m loving living in the city, there’s no place like home.  (Although where home is may be negotiable… stay tuned.)


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