Weekend Warrior

Stripe popover sweatshirtfavorite tankankle stretch toothpick jean – tights, J.Crew; city ballet flats, Gap; delicate link metal necklace, c/o t+j Designs (now 50% off!!)

I almost hate to share these pictures after yesterday’s post, but sometimes a girl’s gotta make do.  This is an unusual post for me in a few ways.  I haven’t posted my wet and wild hair in a while (visiting the salon later today, thank goodness), and I almost never wear flats.  This is the first pair of ballet flats that I have kept and actually wear.  I’ve tried the much-adored Tory Burch Reva Ballet Flats but they are inconceivably uncomfortable!  These little flats, which also roll up into a pouch (and thus are always in my bag at court) and are one eighth the price of the Tory Burch ones, are the most comfortable non-heels I’ve ever worn.  I have 3 pairs of these exact shoes for my home, office, and northern apartment!  And I’m glad I stocked up, because I checked today and they are no longer available online.

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend!

Blondie, Esq.

PS – isn’t it funny how blues photograph?  The tights look green in the top picture and very blue on the bottom.  In reality, they are a dark teal.


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