Just Me

Striped turtleneck, Gap (seen here); tights – cutoffs – favorite tank – handbag (seen here), J.Crew; platform peep-toe booties, Nine West (seen here); flower clip, Sephora (seen here); sparkly knuckle ring, t+j Designs (one of my favorite pieces of jewelry and it’s on sale right now for only $10!!); sunglasses, Marc by Marc Jacobs

Yep, still alive!  I don’t have a full length mirror in my apartment up north, which means no blog pictures. But honestly, you’re not missing much.  My daily outfit consists of suits (e.g., here, here, here, and here), pantyhose (yes, that’s required), conservative shirts and sweaters, and closed-toed shoes (also required).  Don’t get me wrong, I love my suits and this is exactly what I should wear during trial.  My focus is staying warm and mixing pieces to make as many different looks as I can.  (It’s so cold in the court room!)

I found out on Thursday night that I could come home for the weekend, which was a wonderful surprise.  I’m still working hard, but I snuck out for some fresh air with husband and his amazing new lens!  It was great to be back in the SoCal sunshine, and great to wear bright lipstick and fun shoes and just be me!

Hope everyone had a great week, and thanks for reading!

Blondie, Esq.


12 thoughts on “Just Me

  1. Your Blog Angel says:

    I Love this outfit. You look great. Were you warm enough? I was chilled today in Little Italy. Husband Sr. got me a great light weight red Ann Klein wool trench coat for Christmas…it is divine, All I need is the perfect scarf. I better fly up there to shop for one!

    Love you!

    PS Nice photos Husband

  2. tiffany says:

    how cute are you? I’m so behind on blog reading and just saw this post but had to leave a comment as you are too cute in this outfit. Adore the flower clip too!

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