One Is the Loneliest Number

Another holiday, another lonely day in the office.

Tissue turtleneck tee (mine’s old but other colors here) – jersey pullover sweatshirt (another cute option) – bootcut jeans – Joley tortoise peep toes (seen here) – cocktail ring, J.Crew; luxe brooch pendant necklace, t+j Designs; earrings, American Eagle

I’m head to toe J.Crew today!  Not surprising considering I buy the majority of my clothing from J.Crew, but I haven’t been wearing J.Crew shoes lately since the ones I have tend to be low heels.  (These are 3″, aka my flats.)  My mind is going 90 miles a minute today as I try to plow my way through stacks of work and also pack for a potentially 4 month work trip for trial.  Can we say overwhelmed?  And I forgot to wear a watch today too, so I feel naked.

Luckily I work with an awesome paralegal who volunteered to come in the office today, even though it’s a holiday, to get us ready to go.  She’s a saint.  So I’m not quite all alone at the office (or at least, I won’t be once she gets here!).   Anyone else working today?

So far, 2012 is looking to be a crazy year at work.  But I’m hoping to take a vacation once the trial is done to spend some quality time with husband on a sunny beach somewhere!

Happy Monday!

Blondie, Esq.


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