In the Navy

Cashmere crewneck cardigan – corduroy pencil skirt – dot backseam tights – Dotted Victoria ruffle cami (seen here), J.Crew; navy pumps, BCBGirls; chronograph watch, Michael Kors; white drop stone earrings, t+j Designs; pave bow ring, Coach

Quick post – very busy at work.  Holidays are really stressful for me, because I don’t really get a break from work and I don’t have any time to shop.  Thank goodness for Amazon!!  I would be lost without online shopping…  Also, very, very grateful for my husband’s tireless help!  I’d be double lost without him.

Anyone else feeling the holiday stress?

Blondie, Esq.


4 thoughts on “In the Navy

  1. The GSB says:

    I need a ruffle blouse like this! It just screams “I’m ready to sit in on a 3 hour deposition!” to me, haha. Also A+ on those earrings – they go great with your wintry outfit but would also look perfect in the summer with shades of coral and turquoise!

    Totally hear you on the holiday shopping troubles – holiday time means longer hours at work because we have so many last-minute clients coming in for various consults, everyone wants to tie up loose ends before the new year, and I have these cumulative court accounting reports which take hours to complete that I have to submit to one of the special courts, every year, literally the day before X-mas, soooo yes thank goodness for Amazon (and Hautelook)! The 2 consecutive long weekend will be nice (though I’ll probably find a way to do work during those days anyway!) and I’m itching to hit up the after-Xmas sales!

    PS I nominated your blog for Versatile Blogger of the Year — it’s all in my most recent post. Happy holidays to you and yours!

    • Blondie, Esq. says:

      Thanks so much, for the comments and the nomination!! Oh my gosh. The blogging adventure has been really fun and I’m so glad that you found my blog, I love reading yours!

      I’m at work today, of course (taking a quick blogging break!). It seems that the words “vacation” and “attorneys” rarely go together… at least around the holidays! Our corporate department had a client that wanted four deals done by Dec. 31st, so those attorneys were working around the clock. So lame! I’m prepping for trial so no long weekends for me, although I am dying, DYING, to do some after xmas shopping! 🙂

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