Up, up, and away!

Charcoal pinstripe jacket, J.Crew; turtleneck, Gap; hi-rise retro flare jeans, Old Navy; patent leather pumps, Stuart Weitzman; black and white necklace, Banana Republic; chronograph watch, Michael Kors; crystal encrusted white earrings, t+j Designs

I know, I just wore these red shoes last week.  Can’t help it – I just love them!  I left for an overnight business trip today and minimal packing was in order.  I’m wearing my suit coat today so I didn’t have to pack it, and only brought one pair of shoes (aside from the ones I’m wearing now, of course).  I like to give at least a day’s rest for nice shoes so the leather doesn’t get too stretched out.

The rest of my outfit was simple: comfort and warmth.  It was cold in SoCal and cold in NorCal, so I brought my Kristen Blake peacoat as well (seen here).  It’s so funny how time changes things.  In my 20s I overpacked like a champ: I always checked bags and packed enough clothes and shoes for an army (especially for trips to Vegas!).  Now I always carry on and try to realistically limit my choices (sometimes to my detriment when plans change and I have to stay unexpectedly).   This bag certainly helps, as there’s really only enough room for one or two days worth of clothes, etc.  It’s perfect for these overnight business trips!

Hope everyone is staying warm!

Blondie, Esq.


4 thoughts on “Up, up, and away!

  1. evangelina says:

    Love the necklace!

    I only take what I can fit in a carryon for weekend trips too! And I used to be the WORST overpacker…guess the airline’s cost-cutting had one silver lining 🙂

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