Happy Place

Details: three-quarter sleeve non-iron fitted shirt, Brooks Brothers (similar here in blue); Gallerist dress (sadly sold out but click for another picture), J.Crew; pattern tights with back seams, Nordstrom; black patent pumps, Cole Haan;  pave bow ring, Coach; chronograph watch, Michael Kors; large diamond teardrop stud earrings, t+j Designs

I love yellow.  It’s just a happy color.  And I love the very subtle leaf print on this (miraculous) non-iron shirt.  I’m playing with mixed prints a bit too with these lace/floral tights (with back seams!) from Nordstrom.  I love some of the more adventurous pairings I see on other bloggers, but haven’t graduated to this yet.


And check out these new earrings from t+j Designs!  I love them, an instant classic.  I swear, these ladies read my mind when it comes to design!  I adore their style aesthetic.

Tonight husband and I are headed to another holiday party hosted at one of the partners’ homes.  He has a special party for everyone that works on his cases every year – how nice is that?  Last year’s party was fabulous and I can’t wait for this one to start.

Have a lovely day, readers!

Blondie, Esq.


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