Details: non-iron shirt, Brooks Brothers (seen here); cashmere tee – statement necklace (seen here) – cocktail ring (seen here) – pearl stud earrings, J.Crew;  hi-rise retro flare jeans, Old Navy; peacoat, Kristen Blake (similar here or here); platform peep-toe pumps, Calvin Klein (seen here); watch, Lacoste

Yep, I’ve been outed.  Not that my blog was secret, per se, but I was definitely trying to keep it on the DL at work.  I don’t list the address on my facebook page, I don’t ever use my real name, etc.  A few people have found out, which was fine, and like I said, it’s not secret.  (And thanks y’all for your support!)  But now word is starting to spread, and a few more work people have stumbled on to the blog.

As my husband pointed out to me this morning, however, just because people know about it doesn’t mean they are reading it.  Ouch – but true!   The blog has nothing to do with my work, so most attorneys (especially the older boss types) are probably not even interested.  Right?

I don’t want to make my blog private but I also don’t want to draw unnecessary attention to it at work.  Any ideas?  I love blogging: it helps me keep track of and enjoy my closet, it forces me to be creative in my daily outfits, and it is one of the few non-work related activities I have been able to make time for.  I really don’t want to stop!

On the outfit front, I love this cashmere tee.  I picked it up a few years ago and it’s the perfect easy and warm layer.  My obsession with these jeans continues (wish they came in more colors!) and the jewelry just spoke to me today.  As for the pigtails – why not? 🙂

My question for you fellow working fashionistas is: how do you handle this?  Do your co-workers know about your blog?  Your thoughts would be most appreciated.

As always, thanks for reading!

Blondie, Esq.


6 thoughts on “Outed

  1. The GSB says:

    Those jeans are awesome! I recently picked up a pair of 7FAM Dojos on super sale after drooling over them for like 5 years. Though the Dojos aren’t high-waisted, they still have a trousery feel which I love. Regarding the rest of your post…

    I’m in a very similar boat as you – professionally and with the not-publicized blog. Sometimes I feel like I’m being detached by not listing my real name (or even a nickname) on my blog — or even on the e-mail address that I have linked up to my blog — but I think that our industry views blogging differently than, say, the PR or marketing sectors do. Sure, we rely on advertising and networking just like all the other companies, but I don’t think that the legal profession is as warm and fuzzy toward social media (or e-socializing in general) as everyone else. I think attorneys et al traditionally convey this stern image of authority and good ole’ boys’ club seriousness, and some, should we say, seasoned, professionals in our industry might be dismissive of the esoteric concept of blogging or tweeting. I know that this is all changing as we all become more wired, but we’re definitely lagging behind most other sectors. I’m actually pretty invested in researching the legal industry’s relationship with and opinion of social media because I want to start a separate blog dedicated solely to my love of the law (analyzing recent landmark decisions, discussing stagnant curricula, talking about implications of different legal concepts, etc), but I don’t want to possibly mar my own reputation — or that of my employers or even those within my professional network. I think with time this idea can come to productive fruition, but right now I don’t want to associate my name with subject matter that might be seen as contentious or overly idealistic or puerile by law school adcomms or local attorneys (or the courts — since I actually really want to be a judge someday!). Obviously my current blog can be a bit eyebrow-raising (and sometimes makes me sound like a snarky materialistic brat).

    Accordingly, even though I think a lot of my friends and associates would enjoy my blog, less than 5 of them actually know about it (I keep it off Facebook too). Same thing with Twitter – because it’s affiliated with my blog, I keep all personal details vague and use it mostly to interact with other bloggers, not with my home friends or local associates.Though if someone from my professional life were to stumble upon my blog, I don’t think that I would necessarily get chewed out (my big defense: it’s 100% anonymous and doesn’t mention any information connecting me or my opinions to anything work-related!), but that is something that I worry about on a daily basis — I don’t want to alarm or upset anyone I know (which is also why I rarely use people’s real names on my blog, unless they’re okay with it). Those are my personal reasons for keeping my ranty blog somewhat of a secret.

    In your case, you have created a cheerful, inspirational and lovely storyboard of a young professional’s sartorial journey. I don’t think that your image or presentation has any of the questionable or pejorative qualities that my blog does, haha. If anything, you’re showcasing your awesome sense of style and disproving the ancient myth that female attorneys live in ill-fitting greige pantsuits and square-toed shoes! I don’t think that you have anything to worry about with regard to your blog, but I applaud you for keeping your professional role in mind and maintaining a private web presence. I say keep up the great work…and maybe, if prompted at the next big firm-wide meeting, identify yourself as a budding authority on ESQ style! 🙂

    • Blondie, Esq. says:

      Thanks so much for this fabulous response, Ms. Street Bird! 😉 It seems unfair at times to have to be so careful with our blogs, but such is the profession we chose. I also try to keep personal details out of my blog and my twitter, even though I’ve gotten some not so nice responses from family and friends when i gently edit their comments to remove my name and other details.

      Regarding your new blog idea, I love it! Here’s one that reminds me of what you are thinking about, written by one of the profs at my law school: http://www.calapp.blogspot.com/.

  2. Aly ~ Cooking In Stilettos says:

    Hi! Found you via IAmStylish and I have to be honest. I worked for a large firm and a few people in the office had a not so nice vision of blogging or social media to where it was basically understood that if you had a blog, tweeted, etc, there would be issues. Granted I was staff, but it was understood for staff or attys. I left the firm, moved and continued to blog all while holding down a 9to9 at a new firm. The firm I’m in now not only knows I blog, but many of their wives read it. Also, when visiting former co-workers, my former boss and some of the attys were told about Cooking In Stilettos and it was a bit buzz worthy and they also read the blog now. I think some firms, including my former one, get that they might not have a “Dooce” issue and softened their stance on social media. I don’t think that your office would have an issue but if they do – just send them my way. I’ll wing a stiletto at them 🙂

    • Blondie, Esq. says:

      Haha I love it, thanks for commenting!! 🙂 Our firm has a fairly rigorous social media policy (shocking, huh?) and that’s why I have a little disclaimer on my “about me” section, just in case someone puts two and two together. But I think they also understand that it’s unrealistic to expect people to avoid any social media life just because of their profession! Sounds like your old firm is headed in the right direction. Can’t wait to check out your blog too!

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