Almost Famous

Details: three-quarter gingham with stripes shirt, Brooks Brothers; perfect-fit tank, J.Crew; fabric pumps, Butter (seen here); hi-rise retro flare jeans, Old Navy (seen here); pave bow ring, Coach; chronograph watch, Michael Kors;  monogram pendant, Bauble Bar; gold & pearl baubles necklace, t+j Designs


Random Thoughts:

  1. My car stereo has been broken for a few months.  I can only play CDs, and only from the beginning (i.e., I can’t stop, skip, adjust the volume, etc.).  The volume is set to fairly loud: not too loud for listening, but too loud if I’m on the phone.  So every time I need to stop the music, I have to turn the stereo off.  And the CD starts over at song 1.  Sounds fun huh?  I happen to have a few random CDs in my car from my pre-iTunes life, including the Almost Famous soundtrack, which I listened to on the way to work.  I forgot how awesome it is.  I need to watch the movie again, too.
  2. My outfit is definitely random today.  Not what we call the “fall palette” but I just felt like wearing this pink check shirt, and then the green check shoes kind of called to me.  I love pink and green!  (See here and here.)
  3. I’m also wearing this gorgeous necklace from t+j Designs.  Rhinestones, gold beads, and faux pearls, what’s not to like?!  I’ve been looking for another statement necklace for a while, and this one definitely fills the void.  I paired it with my monogram pendant from Bauble Bar, and I like how it adds a little something to the casualness of the rest of my look.
  4. I am seriously obsessed with these jeans.  I love the shape, the rise, the color, everything.  They are super comfy too.  Plus they are on sale for $20!!
  5. I am getting my hair done today, so of course I am hating my hair.  I tried to diffuse it curly again but it didn’t quite turn out, so I added a few curls via curling iron.  Still not sure about it, but t-8 hours until hair time!
  6. I am overwhelmed at work and trying not to freak out.  This blog is my therapy.  Thanks for all your help, friends/counselors.

Okay, that just about does it.  Happy Wednesday, all!

Blondie, Esq.


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