Details: High-waist super flare jeans, Gap (seen here)
flecked Calista cami, J.Crewnails, Sooki by Zoya
nouvelle jacket, J.Crew (similar here, seen here and here)
boyfriend cardigan, J.Crew;  chronograph watch, Michael Kors
silver sparkly knuckle ring, t+j Designs; bow pendant, Tiffany
platform peep toe pumps, Vince Camuto (seen here)

I had *no* clue what to wear today.  I started picking out random pieces and when it came together, I made some kind of satisfied hmmmm sound.  Husband laughed and said that was the “I came up with something cute” sound.  He’s biased, of course, but I’m happy with what came together nonetheless.  So hmmmm!

I love the zipper pockets on this cardigan, such a cute touch and one of the million reasons I love J.Crew.  See also the striped fabric inside the jacket/sleeves and the confetti ruffled blouse.  There’s justification for my obsession.  And here’s a quick peek at my toes, with Zoya polish in Mira.

Husband is at home giving our monstrous turkey a brine bath in one of our refrigerator drawers.   (Well, the breasts are bathing in brine.  The legs will have a confit bath.  YUM!)  I am so excited to eat all my favorite foods on my favorite holiday!  Hope your travels are safe and your turkey is juicy.

Blondie, Esq.


9 thoughts on “Ba-da-bing!

  1. Your Blog Angel says:


    Great winter in San Diego look! LOL, I laugh that I shiver when it is 60 here, my midwest bones have acclimated!

    Can’t wait to share the feast with you all tomorrow!



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