Happy Birthday

Nope, not for me.  For my blog!  This is my 100th post.  Thank you to everyone for reading, commenting, and sharing in my fashion fun.

Details: jegging, American Eagle (seen here)
open cardigan, Old Navy; t-shirt, Jedidiah (see other cute ones here)
suede platform pumps, Kelsi Dagger (also seen here)
earrings, Limited? (I can’t remember, but similar here)
chronograph watch, Michael Kors; silver sparkly knuckle ring, t+j Designs

Today’s look is inspired entirely by Carol at In Pursuit of Pretty Things.  They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and this absolutely rings true for me!  I loved her look so much, and the story behind her t-shirt, that I immediately ordered one.  And I loved how she styled the t-shirt with red pants and gray shoes!  Today felt like a red pants kind of day, so I decided to try out her look.

This is a super comfy outfit: the jeans and the t-shirt are made of ridiculously soft material, and the sweater is cozy and warm.  Perfect because it is f r e e z i n g out today.  (Yes, I know.  Southern California freezing.  It’s okay though, I’m from Wisconsin.  So I get to be a little ridiculous because I really do know what freezing feels like.)

And the shoes are actually really comfy too!  The platform makes the heel seem completely reasonable, the suede molds to your feet, and I can wear them for 12+ hours with no discomfort.  Ah-mazing.

Thanks again, my lovely friends!  Have a great weekend!

Blondie, Esq.

PS – Totally agree with Carol, the girl on this shirt does look like Keiko Lynn!


2 thoughts on “Happy Birthday

  1. Your Blog Angel says:

    I love this look! I am wearing the faux leopard vest you helped me pick last time we shopped together. I love how you see the potential of pieces. My question for today is this:

    I am a slim 59 year old grammy but I feel out of place in both the junior and senior clothing departments…know what I mean? Do you think women my age can wear the jeggings you have on today? Do you know any fashionista bloggers in my age group? LOL

    Thanks for the tips….

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