Details:  in-box pleat skirt in charcoal, J.Crew; 1035 jacket, also in charcoal, J.Crew; non-iron fitted large check shirt, Brooks Brothers; tights, J.Crew; v-neck cardigan, Gap (last seen here); Black patent pumps, Cole Haan (also seen here); ladybug earrings, Betsey Johnson; watch, Anne Klein

Sorry for the less-than-ideal pictures.  (E.g., the half-inflated air mattress.  What the heck.)  I had a few moments of whimsy in an otherwise very business outfit: patterned tights, purple check shirt with french cuffs, and fun earrings.  And my signature red lips (this time #43 from Makeup Forever).  I don’t understand how women can go bare-legged in an office setting–I was freezing all day in as many layers as I could wear without being ridiculous!   And my love affair with these non-iron shirts continues.

In other news, I flew to the bay area this morning for work and found out around 4:00 pm that I would be unexpectedly staying the night.

Planning fail.

After being stranded in Vegas last year (long story for another day), I started carrying some basic toiletries with me.  Makeup, face wash, lotion, sunscreen, etc.  Unfortunately, I didn’t bring any extra clothes, a toothbrush, a hairbrush… you see where this is going.  As a female in a very male-dominated field, I’m sensitive to over packing.  I try to take only one bag on day trips with all my work stuff, laptop, and bare essentials.  Clearly this is not working, because you just never know what the day will bring!  From now on, I am traveling with a small carry-on, no matter what.  But a quick trip to Walgreens for essentials, a quick wash of some things in the hotel sink, a super comfy bathrobe, and a glass of wine later, I’m feeling better about life.  The partner told me to “enjoy SF,” so I’m flying home tomorrow afternoon and having some room service breakfast  (while working out of my hotel room, let’s be real).  Sounds lovely!

Except your free preview of what I’m wearing tomorrow.  Again.  That is not so fun.

Any traveling tips out there, fellow fashionistas?  Do you bring extra clothes for fly-there-and-back-in-one-day-meeting?

As always, thanks for reading!

Blondie, Esq.


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