And then there were two

Husband was gone on a ten day business trip, and we missed each other to a ridiculous degree.  So I guess we’re still newlyweds.  🙂  Anyway, he’s back and volunteered to take pictures for me this morning!  Our apartment conspires against us as far as light goes, but I think they turned out purty good.

Details: sweater dress, J.Crew (last seen here); striped tights, Banana Republic; boots, old (can’t remember!); scarf, gift from my mom; peacoat, J.Crew; handbag, Kate Spade; bracelets, J.Crew and t+j Designs; chronograph watch, Michael Kors; pave bow ring, Coach; lips, YSL Silky Sensual Radiant Lipstick in forbidden burgundy

I can’t remember where these boots came from.  I am usually not a fan of fake leather, to me the quality and durability are not the same, and man-made material doesn’t stretch and mold to your feet the way that real leather does.  But I needed boots a few years ago for another trip to the midwest in winter, and they were available quickly.  Every now and then I still pull them out, they’ve really grown on me!  They are actually really comfortable, although not very warm.

My mom picked the scarf out for me on her trip to Italy a few years ago; isn’t the detail pretty?  Something about it just spoke to me today.

Also featured today are stacks of bracelets, mostly from t+j Designs.  The medium gold bangle and the silver link bracelet are new, and fit in seamlessly with my other favorite pieces, like the black and gold glam bracelet and  black rhinestone cuff from t+j Designs and this zebra-y bangle from J.Crew that I’ve had for a few years now, also seen here and here).   I love the watch more every day; if you’re looking for a statement time piece, I highly recommend Michael Kors.  The details are beautiful.


And the star of today’s post, my beautiful new bag!!

I’ve been dreaming about this bag since summer, so when I saw it was 33% off at Nordstrom, I jumped.  The color in person is even more amazing than I had hoped for!  Just in love.

Happy Friday everyone!!

Blondie, Esq.


8 thoughts on “And then there were two

  1. Sammie says:

    I agree that Michael Kors makes great watches! (quite reasonably priced as well) I have a ceramic one with rose gold and love it to pieces!

    The bag adds a nice pop of color! 🙂

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