Details: gingham perfect shirt , J.Crew (similar here); v-neck sweater, Banana Republic; flare jeans, Gap; Joley tortoise peep toes, J.Crew (last seen here); pearls, J.Crew; state necklace, Alter Designs via Etsy; pave bow ring, Coach; watch, Anne Klein


It’s cold, so all I can think about is layers.  My dad bought this sweater for me a few years ago when I went to Minnesota for a wedding in November and didn’t bring warm clothes.  (I know.)  It’s super warm and snuggly, perfect for the very cool weather we’ve been having.  And I couldn’t resist wearing this Coach ring again!

I don’t have much to report; worked late last night and I’m very tired… I felt a bit cheeky this morning so I layered on the blush and went very simple with the rest of my makeup, just mascara and clear lip gloss.  Oh and I found this necklace on Etsy last summer.  Those little blobs are actually Wisconsin and California.  How cute is that?

Stay warm everyone!

Blondie, Esq.


3 thoughts on “Cheeky

  1. Your Blog Angel says:

    Love the gingham, nails and jewels!! I can’t believe how great your nails still look. I can’t even get home from the nail place without marring at least one nail.

    I dressed specially with you in mind when I flew yesterday. I love what you said about airports. Wore my new vest. LOVE it!

    Can’t wait to have another play day!

    Love you!

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