Pinstripe pumps

Yes, you read that right.

Details: denim leggings, J.Crew; turtleneck, Gap;
nouvelle jacket, J.Crew (similar here); watch, Michael Kors;
crystal encrusted white earrings and delicate link metal necklace, t+j Designs;
pinstripe bow pumps, Steve Madden (gift from my coworker!!)

Today’s outfit is brought to you by my loveliest coworker, Ms. S.  She shares my love for shoes and all things sparkly.  When I was in the bay area earlier in the week, I got a mysterious email about something she had for me.  Turns out, it was SHOES!!  Ms. S. wore these a few times but the fit just didn’t work for her, so she decided to pass them my way.  How cute are these?!?  They are a tiny bit big but with these cushions, they are fitting perfectly.  Between the pinstripes and the bows and the maroon-red heel I am seriously in love.  I liked the shoes so much that I wore them today, in the rain, in lieu of my super cute rain boots.   So you know it is serious.   Ms. S. was absolutely one of my favorite coworkers before the shoe donation, but now?  No one even comes close.  ❤ ❤

Also, I’m loving how the dark leggings give a navy and black effect.  This is one of my favorite color combinations, and one that I used to shy away from.  And the icing on the outfit cake?  (Omg I cannot believe I just wrote that but it’s kind of awesomely bad.)  Some t+j Designs jewelry.  This delicate link necklace is so chic, and I am obsessed with the earrings (as you have no doubt seen).  They are the perfect business casual bling!

Happy (rainy) Friday, y’all!

Blondie, Esq.


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