Los dos

I got back home late last night and talked to my mom for two hours on the phone before eating dinner at midnight… so today’s post has both yesterday and today’s looks.  Two for one, such a deal.

Details: suit – Gallerist dress and two button jacket, J.Crew;
polka dot tights, J.Crew; shirt, Brooks Brothers;
patent leather pumps, Stuart Weitzman; bow pendant, Tiffany;
watch, Michael Kors; twisted silver and gold bangle, t+j Designs (seen here)

First, let me apologize for the picture quality.  I forgot to take pictures yesterday morning so I had to take them last night when I got home.  They are too dark to show all the cute details on this dress, so please click on the links above and check them out at J.Crew!  I also apologize for my slightly haggard look… it was a very long day of traveling and I didn’t really give this much thought before I took the pictures.  (I mean, I could have brushed my hair.  And straightened out my shirt under the dress… the unevenness is killing me.  Fer da gosh sakes.)

This is another one of the great new suits I was able to get thanks to my dad.  I loved this dress on the website and loved it even more in person!  It’s sort of a vest/skirt combo and it has pockets.  Seriously dying.  I think it will be very cute on its own and made a great suit.  The tights are charcoal gray with black polka dots, which you can’t really see in the picture.  The shirt is one of these fantastic non-iron shirts from Brooks Brothers.  It’s called the Miracle Shirt, and this is no joke.  I just hang it up straight out of the washer and it comes out perfectly crisp and wrinkle-free.  No dry cleaning and no ironing necessary.  Why do I not have more of these shirts?!

And now for today’s look.


Details: in-box skirt, J.Crew; tank, J.Crew; Jackie cardigan, J.Crew;
skinny belt, J.Crew; silver double braided cuff, t+j Designs;
earrings, gift from my dad; watch, Michael Kors;
pony leopard platform pumps, Ivanka Trump


This is also part of my new suiting, and once again you’ll need to check out J.Crew to get the full picture of the skirt.  It’s got a box pleat in the back–fabulous!!  I love details like this, it takes an ordinary pencil skirt and makes it something a little more fun.  The tank has very subtle gold shimmer, which you also can’t really see in the pictures.  And the shoes…  Just love them.  LOVE!   I’m breaking them in today, and they are not the most comfortable so far, but I’m hoping this will improve.  And if not?  I’m going to wear them anyway.  Because they are that cute.

Hope everyone had a lovely week!  I’m excited to hang out with my mom this weekend for her birthday.  On the agenda is a sleep over, drinking wine, watching old movies, gossiping, and maybe some retail therapy at the J.Crew outlet.  Perfection!  I’m definitely missing my husband (he’s on a ten day business/surf trip) but very excited to have some girl time with my mom.

Any exciting plans this weekend?

Blondie, Esq.

PS – totes rocking the pantyhose today.  I’d love to say I’m inspired by Kate Middleton but I’ve been wearing them for years.  Air-conditioning does not agree with my bare legs!


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