Rapid rewards

Note: I drafted a post this morning using my (ex) favorite app, BlogPress, but couldn’t post it because the app does not work with iOS 5.  Boo!  So here’s an abbreviated version.

Details: charcoal pinstripe suit (Emmaleigh dress and 1035 jacket), J.Crew; back seam tights, J.Crew; peep toe pumps, Enzo Angiolini (seen here);  watch, Michael Kors; beaded necklace, White House | Black Market; ladybug earrings, Betsey Johnson

I left very early this morning for the bay area, hence the impossible-to-see pictures!  There was no natural light to speak of this morning so I had to use the flash to attempt a true(r) picture of my new gorgeous charcoal pinstripe suit!

Today’s outfit is brought to you by my dad.  I have a big trial coming up and only had (YAY!) a few suits.  I mentioned this not-so-casually to my dad and he sent me an early birthday present: money for suits!  It came at the perfect time, during a crazy 25% off sale at J.Crew.  I got this fantastic pinstripe suit and a few others, and saved a ton of money.   (Part of me wonders how long my 30-something self will depend on my dad for rescue….  But most of me loves having the safety net available!  After all, what are dads for?)  J.Crew has the best suits, period.  The super 120s wool is light, warm, soft, and hangs beautifully.  I wish it were a bit more cat hair resistant, but that’s why lint rollers exist.  The thing I love best about J.Crew suits is how timeless they are: I was able to get a dress to perfectly match a suit jacket that I’ve had for a few years.  How great is that?

So this post is for you, Dad, even though I know you’re not reading this.  Love you!

Okay, time to get some Chinese food delivered, drink a little wine from the minibar, and unwind.

Blondie, Esq.


8 thoughts on “Rapid rewards

  1. evangelina says:

    I use the WordPress app for iPhone. It’s not the greatest thing ever, but it’s free! And I love the suits – I get mine from Ann Taylor, but I’ll definitely give J.Crew a try (once I save up the funds)!

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