Weekend Recap and Oh Hi Monday

First, let me say that I had a pretty bad attitude about this wedding-anniversary party that husband and I went to on Friday.  It was at 6:00 pm and on the very south west edge of my city, so it took almost an hour and a half to get there, and I had to leave work really early.  Which is stressful.  Traffic was awful, and it was a “costumes encouraged” wedding, which husband and I are so not in to.  That said, it was really sweet.  The couple got married in 2008 at the courthouse before Prop 8 passed (it’s complicated), so they never got to say their own vows.  Three years later, they are expecting a baby and wanted to write their own their vows to say before friends and family.  It was a really sweet, although definitely unusual, weddiversary.

Anyway, here’s what I wore.

Details: paisley dress, Banana Republic; tights, J.Crew; platform peep toe booties, Nine West (seen here); open cardigan, J.Crew (seen here); silver luxe braided necklace – t+j Designs (seen here); silver sparkly knuckle ring, t+j Designs

I’m glad I didn’t wear a costume; some did, and some didn’t.  The poor guys who were in costume looked longingly at my husband, especially the ones wearing makeup.  (*Especially* the vampire guy.  He looked miserable.)  The wedding was outside, so I was really glad to have my warm cardigan!  My hair is finally getting long enough to play with, too, so I experimented with random curls and lots of volume.  And hair spray, obvs.  I’m glad we went but please, friends, think about your guests when you schedule a wedding on Friday afternoon…

Second, Monday.  Yep, here it is.  Sneaks right up on you.

Details: Frances ruffled tuxedo shirt, J.Crew; french terry popover, J.Crew; flare jeans, Gap; bow pendant, Tiffany; Lulu metallic-leather peep toes in platinum gold, J.Crew; watch, Michael Kors; black and gold glam bracelet, t+j Designs; neon pink rhinestone cuff, t+j Designs; black rhinestone cuff, t+j Designs; twisted silver and gold bangle, t+j Designs; lipstick in Schiap, Nars

I finally painted my nails again this weekend.  For the first time since September!  Crazy, where did this month go?  I ordered the new Zoya holiday collection, “Gems and Jewels,” a few weeks ago.  It finally arrived last week and the colors are gorgeous!!!  I used one coat of Izzy and one coat of Kissy on my fingers, and one coat each of Noel and Twila on my toes.  Although their customer service leaves much to be desired, I love Zoya polishes.  These are no exception.  The base colors are so pretty and creamy on their own, and the sparkles (two different sizes of sparkles, serious business here) add just that much more fun.

Finally, have you checked out t+j Designs yet?!  I am loaded up in sparkly bracelets today.  As you can see, I finally broke down and ordered the black rhinestone cuff.  Because I had to.  And the twisted silver and gold bangle is one of their new designs, love it!  I could not be happier with the designs or the customer service (ahem, pay attention, Zoya).  The ladies are busy cooking up their holiday collection, which promises to be sparkly and beautiful.  So stay tuned!

Whew, that’s a lot for a Monday.  Hope everyone had a nice Halloween!

Blondie, Esq.


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