Fifty what now?


  • Open cardigan, J.Crew (also seen here)
  • Mens white t-shirt, Gap
  • Bootcut jeans, Gap
  • Plaid wool scarf, J.Crew (also seen here)
  • Navy leather pumps, BP @ Nordstrom
  • Watch – Anne Klein
  • Silver sparkly knuckle ring, t+j Designs


It was a cold morning in SoCal, 54 degrees when I left the house.  Brrr!  After freezing all day yesterday, I decided that today was all about layering.  I stole this t-shirt from husband (soooo comfy) and threw on a super warm cardigan and scarf.  So far, so good!  And of course I had to throw in some sparkles.  Obviously.   I know this is not the most exciting post/outfit, but all I wanted to do was stay in my warm bed this morning, so it’s not a bad compromise.  🙂

I haven’t worn these shoes in ages either.  I bought them in law school to wear with navy suits before I broke free of my fear of navy and black (they are navy, in case you can’t tell).  They are not fancy but really comfortable, and I love the little point in the toe cleavage area.

Heading to a Halloween themed wedding tonight… still trying to decide if I’m going to wear some sort of costume.  It’s so not my thing, and neither husband nor the best man are dressing up, but I don’t know what to do.  Also have no idea what you wear to a Halloween themed wedding if you are not dressing up!  (And don’t get me started on the whole wedding on Friday thing.  I have to leave work in the middle of the day – hello stressful.)

It’s Friday!!!

Blondie, Esq.


4 thoughts on “Fifty what now?

  1. loalovecoach says:

    Last year I saw a Halloween wedding in Balboa part. Lots of black! Bridesmaids were in black though I didn’t see the bride. I can’t wait to hear Blondie, Esq. sound off about the clothes!

    Love your outfit today…know what you mean about the layers. It was brrrr cold this morning!

    Love your posts…I am inspired every day…..


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