Seeing Red


I wish that I could shop more… there are so many cute fall trends that I am loving!  But it’s just not in the cards, or the budget, right now.  I was dying for a pair of red pants, however, so when I found these jeans (ahem) on American Eagle for less than $50, I jumped.  Thankfully I read the comments first and sized up, because although these jeans do stretch nicely, they run very small.  They are also the softest denim I have ever bought.  I’m super excited about this purchase!!  Can’t wait to wear them again.


Also wearing heaps of lovely t+j Designs jewelry today.  Didn’t I tell you this necklace would be my go-to piece??  It’s perfect for mixing metals, which I love to do.  I really want to get this Black Rhinestone Cuff, too.  I love my pink one but it can’t hurt to have some more black and sparkly things, right?  The Black & Gold Glam Bracelet continues to be a favorite of mine as well.  Oh, and if you’re wondering, both the gold chain and the glass crystal bracelets stay on without any problems (they close by hook).  I love the sparkle in this glass bracelet, and the two toned sides.  Another well-designed and beautiful piece that looks much more expensive than it is.  LOVE these girls!! 🙂

These shoes always get a lot of comments but combined with the red pants, everyone had something to say.  I am one of those people who firmly believes in compliments, and I try to notice and say something nice about strangers on a daily basis.  It makes people feel good and it feels good to do it!  Two strangers came up to me today and said they liked my outfit, which totally made my day.  Women need to support each other more!  It was a real-life blog comment… tee hee.

Hope everyone has fun plans this weekend!  I am definitely sleeping in tomorrow but will probably be working on Sunday.  Also on my agenda is finishing this, watching 90210 reruns, and eating pho.

Thanks as always for reading, I really appreciate it!


Blondie, Esq.


13 thoughts on “Seeing Red

  1. Sel says:

    I totally agree about saying nice things to strangers!! It totally cheers people up and I do it daily.

    I love your outfit! And the shoes? GORGEOUS.

  2. nico says:

    The red pants!!!! I see them cropping up everywhere and I would KILL for an affordable pair that also came with a 37 inch inseam!!!!


    ps, your styling choices are pretty fantastic!

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