Manic Monday

Cashmere crewneck cardigan – J.Crew; Button down shirt – American Eagle

Flare jeans – Gap; Patent leather peep toe pumps – Enzo Angiolini

Crystal encrusted white earrings – t+j Designs

Pearls / (maybe this ring too? I can’t remember) – J.Crew


I had a meowing little assistant following me around this morning (as usual), so I had to throw in a picture.  Just love her face!  Do you remember my post a few weeks ago (months?  sheesh) about how men always make the same comment when I wear red shoes?  These shoes are another favorite, and my first pair of red pumps.  I had a meeting this morning and what’s the first thing out of my fellow associate’s mouth?  “You look like Dorothy!”  (To be fair, I went to a law school Halloween party as Dorothy and I did wear these shoes.)  Never fails to happen, or to crack me up.  🙂


I try to pick out my outfits the night before to eliminate long moments where I stand in my closet half-asleep and stare at my clothes in the morning.  Today that plan was completely derailed.  I had planned on wearing a pencil skirt, blazer, and tights, but nothing was coming together the way I’d planned.  At that point I had already decided that I was wearing these earrings and these shoes, so I went from there.  The cashmere cardigan was an easy decision–and J.Crew makes the best ones, so comfy and warm.  I try to get a new one each season (usually with by birthday/xmas cards – thanks family!).  The quality is excellent and they last forever.

But let’s get to the most exciting part of the outfit – the jewelry!!  I received these gorgeous earrings on Saturday from the lovely ladies at t+j Designs – just love them!  Perfect amount of sparkle and size to keep them professional.  I am very impressed with these ladies – their jewelry is chic and looks so much more expensive than it is.  I have yet to be disappointed by a single purchase.  These earrings are super light too–I don’t feel them at all!–which makes them even more perfect.  I have a few really cute pairs of earrings that are much to heavy to make it through a whole day of work.

Oh, and this week’s Zoya colors: Mira on my toes and one coat of Sooki followed by one coat of Alegra on my fingers.

Happy Monday!


Blondie, Esq.


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