Tiered Shell / Boyfriend Cardigan – J.Crew

Denim Leggings* (last seen here) – J.Crew

Cocktail Ring / Trixie heels in warm ivory (last seen here) – J.Crew

Black and White Necklace (last seen here) – Banana Republic

Lips – Givenchy Liner with Exude Lipstick in Cranberry


Have we discussed my obsession with Rachel Zoe?  I love her show, I love her style, and most of all, I love her signature red lipstick.  So when I heard about her new lipstick line, Exude, I had to try it.  Lipstick is one of my all time guilty pleasures – I have tons of tubes (my bathroom looks like a Sephora counter) and I can’t resist buying more.  I tried the cranberry first on its own but it was a little too brown for me, so I used a cherry red liner underneath and it came out perfectly!  I’m still on the fence with the application (read more about it and watch Rachel’s video here) but I like that it will always have a perfect shape.  So far it is not drying at all and feels really great on my lips.  I also bought Red #1, so stay tuned for that one!  I tried to mimic the rest of her makeup as well, but next time I think I’ll skip mascara on the bottom lashes.

The cardigan is one of J.Crew’s boyfriend cardigans from last year.  (You can’t tell, but it’s “raisin”—a deep maroon color—must get better lighting for pics!).  It’s really warm, long, and has pockets—right up my alley.  I got this ruffled tank over the summer and love it much more than I expected (always a good thing!)  I’m trying to only keep things I love, after years of impulse purchases that sit in my closet with the tags on.


Also, I’m loving these shoes for fall, and the cocktail ring seemed like the perfect amount of Friday bling.  I have earrings that match, and are really cute, but they are super heavy so I’m saving those for after work.  Headed to a concert with the lovely Ms. Fancy on the Inside, cannot wait!!  What are your weekend plans?


Blondie, Esq.

* I refuse to call them “jeggings.”  I don’t know why but I just cannot stand this word!  Something about it makes me cringe.


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