Ponytail Obsession

V-Neck Sweater / Bootcut Jeans – Gap

Scarf / Tank / Peep Toe Pumps – J.Crew

Watch – Michael Kors; Bracelets – J.Crew, t+j Designs


Busy Thursday, lazy outfit.  This sweater is really warm and I felt like wearing jeans today.  Three of my favorite bracelets (including this one from t+j Designs, seen here and here and many other posts!) and the scarf I wore at our wedding helped make me feel a little better about the rest of the outfit.  Also, these shoes.  One of my all time favorite pairs!  The problem is they are suede and have majorly stretched out after many days of hard use.   I can’t really wear them now when I know I’ll be walking a lot or they fall right off!  Travesty.

Side note – I realized after I named the pictures and the blog that I’m not wearing a ponytail in these pictures.  And that you can’t even see the v-neck of the sweater… yep, one of those days.  Rest assured my hair is now in a pony tail.  (This would be tagged with #inanetweets if it were on twitter…)


Blondie, Esq.

PS – the little one says hello: 


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