Striped Shirt / Pin – J.Crew

Summer weight Cashmere Shell – J.Crew (last seen here)

Boot-cut Jeans – Gap

Shoes – Naughty Monkey (last seen here)

Watch – Michael Kors


My default look when I am lacking clean clothes, creativity, or both is a button-down shirt and some sort of vest/cardigan/sweater.  I have always leaned towards preppiness and today’s look is no exception.  It’s in the low 70s today so I’m not too hot outside (see here and here) and fairly comfortable inside.  I’ve had this shirt from J.Crew forever, I can’t even guess how long.  That’s one of the things I love about J.Crew: timeless pieces that withstand years of wear and (hopefully not) tear.  (Although I haven’t shopped much recently, and a friend said she’s been having some major quality control problems with her last few purchases – sad!)  And I just love these shoes, never get tired of wearing them!

I’m headed up to the bay area again tomorrow morning, with flights to both the midwest and the bay area the week of September 26th.   Goodbye home, hello frequent flyer miles.  My suitcase is permanently out and ready!

Still recovering from the crazy blackout yesterday.  It’s amazing how dependent we are on electricity (hello, blogging!).


Blondie, Esq.


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